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10 Tips to Overcome Overwhelming

Overcome the pressure

Imagine this feeling – you are working towards your goal, you want to get the results quickly, you are pumped, the information just flowing into your brain.

Everything seems like going well but after some time with the process of receiving so much information, you start to feel overwhelmed and then your brain naturally wants a rest but you don’t want to stop it, you want to keep going.

The work is growing and the level of stress is increasing and you feel like that it will never end.

Other example – You are aware that your goal is not just the only thing you can focus on but that there are other tasks, duties or circumstances in your life which you have to deal with.

Then you start to doubt your goal. Your mind will start thinking “Is it worthy for me? Will it be easier to just quit and get rid of this pressure?” 

However, then you imagine your goal, you get back to your visualization, you see it, feel it and your mind say to you: “I really want it, I already did a lot, I want to achieve my dream!” 

Your brain starts to get into a conflict – you want it but when you imagine the mountain of tasks, the amount of time you will need spend to get where do you want to go and the sacrificing, you feel overwhelmed.

Then the negative side of your mind say to you: “It is too hard, I cannot do it.” 

You might feel stuck, you cannot go back, cannot go further. 

What should you do then? Your brain just feel like that is going to explode!


Overwhelming can stop you to continue doing the action to succeed or it may scare you that you will never start. If you are under constant pressure, it could also lead to health problems and our health is our treasure.

I would like to share with you some tips how to reduce this pressure of overwhelming, clear your mind and work more effectively.

I have attended many seminars about personal development, read lot of books on this topic and experienced it as well.

I have collected these tips that I believe that it will work for you as well even though everyone is different.

If you follow it, it will reduce your feeling of being overwhelmed. Every time when you back into this state, you will know how to change it. 

You are welcome to share your opinion at the end of this article! 🙂 


1. Chunk it

What does it mean? Break your task down and do ONE THING IN ONE TIME. Do not try to multitask. You might think that it works for you but it will just mess up your brain!

When you try to do multiple tasks at once, your focus is split and you can easily get distracted, make mistake and don’t achieve the desired results.  

Stay focused on one thing each time and do it properly. 

Even spending your time to do a certain task for one hour with full attention can help you more than spending hours with several tasks on which are you not entirely concentrated.

A long-term goal requires consistency. Don’t load yourself with too many tasks in a lack of time. 

If you need to accomplish more, then choose max two or three areas that you want to be focused on this week or month. 

If you think that you can do 5 tasks constantly then it just leads to a feeling of overwhelming, exhausting and you will not get the results you want to and then you might give up. 

Everything needs time! 

Be patient.

2. Organise your time

Plan your day from the morning until evening and organise your work. Let some space for unexpected circumstances to reorder it when necessary. 

When you have spare time, use it for doing tasks that doesn’t require much time or focus. 

Once you will accomplish the most important things on your list every day, you are progressing.

3. Stay focused

Find a spot where can you free your thoughts from any distraction, what stimulates you and where you feel comfortable. If you are a person who likes to listen to some background music, do it, if it distracts you, then just find a quiet spot.

Do you have something that really bothers you and need to do it? 

If you know that it will take just a short while such as – empty the bin, make an appointment to a doctor that you have postponed several times or confirm a meeting, then just do it first but quickly and after that start with your main task.

However, don’t get distracted by checking every single email or doing many small tasks before you start. Just do quickly what has to be done and focus.

Find your sharpest time and do the most difficult tasks in this time usually, the best time is early in the morning but listen to your body clock). 

We are all different, some people are morning people, others are night owls.

This time can also appear when your mind is clear (after meditation, running, exercising). You can also trick your brain and be focused at any time you want to but this technique requires regular practice.

4. Don’t overthink

When we start to overanalyse what are we doing, how long it will take and stress ourselves that we don’t have enough time or that it is hard, then we create a negative pattern and image of impossibility to reach the goal.

Remember that everything needs time! 

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try hard and be slow and comfortable.

The results come quicker if you do more, push more, of course, but you still have to be realistic about the time frame.  

For example, if you want to lose weight, become rich or build a company, that is something that will not happen overnight. 

However, the earlier you start the quicker you will get the result, so don’t procrastinate and just START NOW!

5. Set up your priorities

Take a time to prioritize what is the most important and focus on that!

If you know that you have accomplished it every day, that is what matter the most.

You can do a lot of small tasks and feel like you have done a lot but finally you didn’t make any significant progress connected with your goal.

When you prioritize your “to do” list, you will have enough time to finish the key task first and know that it leads you towards the right direction.

6. Relax

The best ideas usually come when your brain is relaxed. Do you have too many tasks to accomplish and just feel like you cannot concentrate anymore? 

Allow yourself to have a short break but don’t make it too long otherwise you won’t get back.

Find every day a time to relax or meditate and free your mind from any thoughts. It can be meditation, jogging or anything that helps you to clean your thoughts. 

Make it as your daily ritual. I would recommend at least 30minutes. I found it really powerful!

You might feel that a relaxation is a wasting time but if you don’t do it, you will be constantly under pressure which will decrease your productivity and feel blocked. 

Imagine your brain like a wardrobe –  you put clothes there, sometimes you need to throw some old one away in order to make a space or reorganize it.

If you constantly load it with new things and don’t remove anything, it will be full, messy and it gets stuck. The same principle works with your brain.

 When you don’t let go of information that you don’t need anymore, you will become overwhelmed and exhausted. 

Once you organize your thoughts regularly, your energy will be higher, you will think sharper and have more life balance.

7. Reward yourself


Have you done your task well or did you finish it? Have you worked hard and get the results? 

Let yourself to feel the pleasure of achievement! 

Celebrate even a small win that you have completed!

How does it help? It will create a pattern to your brain that will motivate you to keep going and getting better results.  

What else will happen is that you will also enjoy the process to your success because you will know that the reward is coming. It is like training a dog or any other animal.:-)  

You deserve it!

8. Surround yourself with the right people

Be surrounded by people who will enhance your determination, who are on the same way as you. 

It enhances you to stay on the track. It creates a positive energy. You can also learn from them or ask them for a help. 

Let go time wasters or don’t be stuck with people who are stopping you from what is matter to you.

9. Don’t be afraid to say “No”

Allow yourself to say “NO” to others if their requirement is not relevant. Sometimes people keep coming to you and need something that you cannot help with or it is not urgent.

People are sometimes not aware how distractive it is when you are focused and they just ask you a question. It takes a long time to get back to the focus mind if you get involved in some deeper thinking.

When you have your focus time, don’t get distracted by emails or messages that are not urgent to respond immediately. Just let it go for a while.

10. Review your results every week

At the end of the week create a summary what have you done to check if you are going the right direction. It helps you to know how productive you were and if you should change your strategy or if you are on the right track.

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