Public transport in Japan

How to get around Japan? As you can see in the heading picture, the public transport is completely understandable! :-DUpon first sight, you may feel a bit lost. Many signs are only in Japanese language and you need to search really carefully to find them in English! Don't get desperate though! … Continue reading

The cheapest hotel in Tokyo

THE CHEAPEST hotel in Tokyo Have you ever heard of a Capsule hotel?This hotel is designed to accommodate a large amount of people in an extremely small rooms (capsules).I am always interested to try new and weird things so when I was travelling to Tokyo I decided to stay in 9 hours Capsule … Continue reading

Nara – what to visit

Nara is a magnificent small town surrounded by deers walking around! The most significant temple in this location is Tōdai-ji with one of the largest bronze statues of Buddha in the world.You will be able to explore all its beauty in one day, either like a trip from Kyoto or to stay there … Continue reading