I grew up in the Czech Republic – a small country in the middle of Europe, however I have been living in Australia for 4 years! 

Coming to Australia was the best decision of my life!

Exploring the unknown, dreaming, make it real, searching for a deeper purpose of life – that has always been my passion. 

Discovering other cultures, learning about different habits and beliefs is just so FASCINATING and exciting! 

Our environment definitely changes our beliefs, values and the style how we live. 

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I call myself a deep thinker and dreamer and I believe we CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING WE WANT TO if we believe we can do it. 

We can enjoy our life to the fullest and be grateful for each day once we find out our LIFE PASSION and PURPOSE and get rid of fear, and negativity what might blocks us. 

I also believe in a lifelong process of LEARNING and EXPLORING. 

My passion is to personally grow, to use my potential, to get INSPIRED, create and share it with others. 

Although I sometimes love spending time just with myself, I appreciate people who understand me and if we connect in a deeper level, it is amazing experience.

What is my LIFESTYLE about?

I love a healthy lifestyle. It is something that makes me feel so good. 🙂 All the stuff like healthy salads, smoothies, healthy non-traditional drinks it is something I enjoy.

I like to keep fit with regular gym routine, doing yoga if I have a time or meditation. 

When I travel, I love to capture my moments by taking a picture and sharing them with others, exploring local food and culture, see how is the life in other country.

A PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT  is my life passion as I want to be the best version of myself and connect to my inner truth.  

A place where can I always find my inner peace and what just wash all the negativity away is the OCEAN.  The energy of the nature is so powerful. 

A CHALLENGE is something that makes me feel that I am alive. 

I love to CONNECT with people who are on the same journey to achieve their dreams or with those who already live their dreams!

A country I LOVE?

Australia, Hawaii

A place where can I always find peace in my mind?

Ocean with palms or mountains around

Favourite food?

Sushi, slow cook beef with a pepper sauce or a wine sauce and mashed potatoes, smash avo with eggs on a toast, salmon with dill, grilled meat, salmon-avocado rice paper rolls, poke bowl. I love a nice and healthy food. 🙂

btw. If you like to hang out and makes me happy, then having a nicely decorated, healthy and delicious food will definitely help 🙂 

Favourite drink?

Coffee (cappuccino), Martini, Espresso Martini, Champagne, Wine (good quality), Pina Colada, banana-avo smoothie

Who inspires me?

Tony Robbins – great motivational speaker who has such a powerful energy

Wayne Dyer – he was a great person, motivational speaker as well who lived with wisdom and peace, connected to higher consciousness, and he lived in Hawaii

Bob Proctor – I saw this guy for the first time in a document “the Secret” which was one of the first motivational document I have ever seen and after that I have watched it a lot and applied into my life

Les Brown – his podcasts and speeches are very motivational, it will literally pump it up to do the action


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