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 Let me tell you my story why did I start blogging.

 I was always passionate about travelling, personal development and healthy lifestyle and I felt I want to share it worldwide. One day, I made a decision – to be an inspirational blogger, learn about the blogging world and connect my life into this lifestyle. I have started my blog from scratch. I had no knowledge, no experience about blogging, but I was passionate to learn, to overcome the obstacles, challenges with all the technological stuff, new terminology and how to structure my blog. 

 The beginning was hard but I made it! I just jumped into the blogging world and I decided to be fully committed to it and I must say that absolutely love it! Btw. if you are thinking about starting a blog, you might check my post about a good webhosting via Siteground

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My blog is about exploring the world and exploring yourself. I love travelling and I want to be your guide on your travels. I want to show you the most beautiful places in the world. 

I want to introduce you various cultures of the destinations I have visited, help you with the decision where to stay and book your hotel and inform you about public transport, costs and tips that can be handy for your travel. 

Some of my posts will serve you as an informative guide, others will immerse you into the authentic spirit of the particular destination. I am also planning to involve some of my personal stories from my travel trips. 

 I want to inspire to follow your passion and live your dream! I believe that the way how we live is our choice, and we can decide who we want to become. 

I have studied human behavior from my early age and learned a lot about myself, about others, and I am still learning as it is a lifelong process. I have read a lot of personal development books and attended many seminars about it and I feel like I want to share my knowledge with you. 

One of the most significant seminars in my life was the “Unleash The Power Within” with Tony Robbins. Although I already had quite a lot of knowledge of the human behavior, psychology and personal development that time, I experienced new techniques about how to change my state of mind, about overcoming fears and visualizing the future. It was really intensive and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the like-minded people. 

So if you are also into these personal development seminars and like reading books and listening podcasts I would love to connect with you. 😉


Finally, you can also find here some cool travel gadget or clothes for your travels and deals in the section shop so feel free to browse or ask me anything. 

Also, if you are looking for a tour, I can help you as well! 😉

Let’s explore the world, joy of life and follow your inner truth!

Explore with Diana