The main purposes of my blog:

One of my intension why I started my blog is to connect with people who want to make a difference in the world, also with those who want to live an extraordinary life and be unique, be themselves, genuine, follow their inner truth. I want to inspire you how to live your dream life, how to be healthy in your body and mind, be connected to yourself and find your life purpose. To feel healthy physically and emotionally is connected with the way how we think, our habits, nutrition and the people who we have chosen to be surrounded to. I would love to connect with others who are also into personal development and other bloggers.

My other purpose is to help you as a traveller to get to know more about country you wish to visit, save your time and organise your budget more effectively in order to fully enjoy your travel!  I want to show you traditions of each country I have visited as well. During my time spent abroad I realised how often we get into confrontation with a lack of time either for making a research or just organising where to go or we have an issues with our money budget. As a result we are in stress and not fully aware of the present moment. Consequently, we block ourselves from exploring all the beauty of our journey and we miss out the opportunities what might show up. That’s why I started my blog.

You are in the right place to find out information, you were searching for, so you can just sit and start planning your next vacation!

What are the prices for an accomodation?

How to organise your trip and how to fully enjoy your trip?

Interesting facts about countries what will blow out your mind! 

Save money and enjoy the best pleasure and luxury.

Where to find hidden places that most of the magazines don’t write about?

I am going to show you how to become a smart and efficient traveller! I am also offering you to find the information that are you seeking for and cannot find anywhere else.

Let’s explore the world, mystery and beauty of life and follow your inner truth!

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Why did I start blogging?

The story started with an idea …

I was always passionate about travelling, personal development and healthy lifestyle. I felt that I have a knowledge I can share, help others who travel to places where they have never been before and also inspire them how can they travel more often.

This blog is not only about travelling as there are many other blogger who write about it. I want to show you my style and my soul.

About me

I am kind of foodie traveller and I enjoy food from all over the world. I love writing about international cuisine, restaurant experience, local food. I want to recommend you places all over the world. I want to show you where to find amazing place to eat with your eyes and mouth. 

If you are a coffee lover, I can recommend you local cafes with incredible cappuccino, latte or whatever you like! If you love experimenting with food, check my food articles.

Smash Avo with smoothie from London

Apart from my passion for food,  love personal development and meeting interesting and likeminded people from all over the world. So that, I ocassionally attend meet ups in local citites to get to know locals or travellers.

If I get inspired and have my calling to share an important message, I write about it. Other part of the blog is about healthy lifestyle – tips how to eat healthy, keep fit and how to get into this lifestyle as a daily routine. 

Apart from that I am Graphic Designer – in case you need a logo, banner, any kind of print design such as booklet or even T-shirt design!

How did I start blogging?

The beginning was hard but I made it!  I just jumped into the blogging world and I decided to be fully committed to it. I must say that absolutely love it and it gives me a pleasant feel of creation. Btw. If you are thinking about starting a blog, you might check my post about a good webhosting via Siteground. It is a reliable host with very good support. You can message me for more information.

Web Hosting

When I started I had no knowledge, no experience about blogging, but I was passionate to learn, to overcome the obstacles, challenges with all the technological stuff, new terminology and how to structure my blog. 

It takes an effort to learn how to set it up. It takes a time to write, think of the design and put the ideas together etc. That can be challenging for many bloggers who want to start. 

What is my blog about?

My blog is about exploring the world and exploring yourself. I love travelling and I want to be your guide on your travel adventures. I want to show you the most beautiful places in the world. I want to introduce you various cultures of the destinations I have visited, help you with the decision where to stay and book your hotel.I want to inform you about public transport, costs and tips that can be handy for your travel. 

Some of my posts will serve you as an informative guide, others will immerse you into the authentic spirit of a particular destination. Other blog post are about sharing my personal stories from my travel adventures. 

I want to inspire to follow your passion and live your dream! I believe that the way how we live is our choice, and we can decide who we want to become. I have a Psychology background and experience. In case you need a further help.

Apart from that, I have read a lot of personal development books, attended a lot of seminars from a variety of psychological directions, to authentic experiences or  coaching. I feel like I want to share my knowledge and experience with you. 


One of the most significant seminars in my life was “The Unleash The Power Within” with Tony Robbins. The environment was pumped of energy that was incredible. Although I already knew a lot about human behaviour, psychology and personal development that time, I experienced new techniques about how to change my state of mind, about overcoming fears and how to better visualise the future. It was very intense. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the like-minded people, connection to others and the exercises.

In addition, I did a fire walking for the first time in my life!

If you are likeminded person and  also into these personal development seminars, like reading books and listening podcasts I would love to connect with you. We can share our happiness and inspire each other. 

The real and authentic human connection is one of the things in life that I value the most. I always appreciate people who are genuine and curious about life, people who want to achieve great things in life and people who want to share happiness and make an influence. 

You can just contact me but please write something specific as I get lot of messages with only one word or sentence and can’t react on all of them. 


Let’s explore the world, joy of life and follow your inner truth!