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Ambury Regional Park in New Zealand

If you are travelling to Auckland, I recommend you to visit the Ambury Regional Park

It is located in a south part of Auckland. It is not far from Auckland Central (approximately one hour by public transport, direction to the Mangere Bridge} 

You can get off at Kiwi Esplanade and walk along the harbour. Ideal for all lovers of nature and farm animals. You can do a bit of hike too. 

Let’s explore with me.


Just walking along the harbour creates a peaceful atmosphere without distraction to everyday world.

Stop for a while and absorb the atmosphere of the nature. There is a beautiful lake and greenery. You can see a beautiful alley of trees, sit on the bench and just enjoy the present moment. 

While you will be walking into the Regional Park, enjoy the beautiful scenery and check the sheeps! 

Be part of the incredible nature and just listen the voice of the sheeps. They will be walking around and eating the grass.


Then walk to further to see friendly horses. Allow them to come closer. They are just gorgeous.

I found a soul connection with them. Their deep look and positive vibes will make you feel happy. 

Do you feel like walking? There is a 2 hours walking track to spend more time in nature.

As you look further, you will notice a mountain which I guess has a beautiful view from above. I haven’t walked there, however,  it looked tempting. 


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