Bali, which is located in Indonesia, became a popular destination amongst many Australians. You can find a great deal for the flight tickets from Australia ( from around 500 AUD a return ticket excluding check-in baggage). It is also popular for cheap eating and drinking, prices for the accommodation are low and you can find a really awesome place to stay for a reasonable price! 

The main island offers a lot of stunning temples which I highly recommend visiting. Their unique style is just breathtaking! I am a huge fan of temples, therefore I was really impressed by the architecture. In the next post, I am going to show the best temples to visit!


If you are a person who enjoys a beach time, snorkelling and having fun, then Bali will be a great option for you as well. In that case, I suggest visiting smaller islands around such as Lombok or Gili Trawangan which has wonderful beaches!



Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

10000 IDR = 0.94 AUD

10000 IDR = 16.51 CZK

Check other currencies here


What should you be aware of Bali:

Be careful what and where you eat!

Take some medication with you for your trip in case of feeling sick from food (if you eat in restaurants it should be fine but be careful about street food)

Don’t drink tap water!

Balinese drives on their left (same as Australians and Japanese)

To visit some temples you need to have a sarong (scarf), which you can hire or buy your own (there are plenty of markets with amazing Balinese scarfs)

It is common to bargain for prices

Don’t show much money in public or I wouldn’t recommend you to wear an expensive watches or jewelry on public, Bali is a poor country

Be careful on fake taxi

In the temple areas, you might find a “tour guides” which will just want to charge you for a service you didn’t ask for, just go on your own, a tour guide is really not necessary. Sometimes they will also try to take you to some “ceremony” and then want you to pay for it.

Price for accommodation:

Start from 4 AUD per night! (for backpackers with shared dormitory), a single room starts from 12 AUD (if you book it in advance), for around 30 AUD you can find a nice accommodation (not always as for example own room in backpacker can be a similar price and nothing really special) and from $50 it starts to be a luxury place!

Transport in Bali

I would say that taxi is the best way if you stay on the main island as it can be a bit tricky to drive on your own. When are you staying on a small island you don’t need anything and if you want, you can hire a bike for fun.


Balinese taxi driver

Price – Around 20 AUD from the Airport to Nusa Dua

Whole day taxi Bluebird taxis – 50 AUD

How are the taxis in Bali? If you already made some research, you probably found out that you Bluebird taxis are the most common and reliable. I would recommend them as well as they are official taxis drivers in Bali. 

You will recognize them by wearing a blue T-shirt with flowers. Be careful to not choose a “fake” taxi drivers which will either rip you off or it is just risky especially when you travel alone. These blue guys are ok, they speak more languages as well, for example, Japanese. Their English is not much strong though. 

However, always ask how much it will approximately cost before you get in, as they will always try to charge you more and you can negotiate a bit. In Bali, you can also hire a taxi driver for half or whole day which is cool. Whole day cost around 50 AUD and the driver take you to multiple places (if it is not really far from each other) and they will wait for you even though you want to spend an hour somewhere which is really convenient!  It makes your vacation much easier.


Very popular in Bali, especially for young locals but it can be a bit dangerous and if you go to hilly places it can be tricky. I would stick with the taxi.


To get to Gili Trawangan, there is a ferry from Padang Bai. The cost varies – depends on if you choose a fast boat (1,5 hours) for 45 AUD or public ferry (5 hours) for 4 AUD.

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