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Base X Backpacker hostel

Backpacker hostel base x in Sydney

The Base X Backpacker hostel or sometimes called just Base Sydney is perfectly located right in the hearth of CBD. I would say that it is not a bad option for backpackers looking for a place which is not like some other hostels very dirty, messy or noisy. You don’t even need to be a classic “backpacker”, you can be a curious traveller on budget travel, or someone who just looking for a place to stay for one night while having a stopover in Sydney.

What type of room to choose?

When choosing a backpacker hostel, think about how big dormitory you want. Do you prefer to share a room with other 5 or 7 people or would you rather share just with a few people? ‘

Are you travelling alone or with bunch of friends? It is always a roulette game what people will you be sharing your room with. Even the best backpacker hostel can be messy, noisy or the room will just smell with the wrong people. 😀 That is the risk of Backpacker hostels.:-) 

However, if you are on tight budget and you really want to spend a few days in Sydney,  the only way is to stay in Backpacker hostel which cost around $40 AUD for equivalent quality. Every standard hotel price starts from at least $100 per night and even for this price you might end up in a really bad hotel with a dirty room which will smell and you will not feel safe there. Then you will be happy for choosing a hostel.  Trust me, I have experienced this. 😉 The advantage of the Base Backpacker hostel is that the reception is open 24 hours. 

My experience

I have stayed in this in a mixed dormitory with for 6 people. However, it was quite to many people for me. I think that next time I would stick with just 4 people in a room. Everyone is different so  you might like to stay with more people. You can also select a room with a bathroom or use the shared one outside. 

The rooms are always as clean as the people who live in the room. If you have a bad luck you might end up with some messy backpackers or you can have awesome roommates and have a good time. 

Unfortunately, when I stayed in this place, I felt sick so every little noise didn’t make it better and people with who I was sharing the room was a bit noisy. However, I liked area near the reception and the staff was very friendly. Bathrooms were OK and I would say that the price for this Backpacker hostel equal the value.


Reception area

The prices usually start from 35-$40 AUD so it is not the cheapest backpacker. But if you think about it. – Would you rather pay 25-$30 AUD for a backpacker hostel where you cannot even sleep because of loud music from downstairs as for example the Captain Cook hostel in Sydney which is far from the city center, and also the bathroom wasn’t nice or would you rather pay a bit more to stay in the city center in a relatively clean place and friendly staff?  

For me, my answer is clear. 


Base X backpacker
8 Bed dormitory (photo from internet)

Let's make a decision

If you are thinking about Base X Backpacker hostel as your WINNER for your stay in Sydney, make a booking directly from my page and I will give you some tips about Sydney as a BONUS! Book it now to avoid ending up in a bad place and even more expensive.

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