Backpacker hostel base x in Sydney

The Base X Backpacker Hostel, sometimes called just Base Sydney is one of the best-located hostels in Sydney.

I would say that it is quite a good option for backpackers who are looking for a place which is not like some other hostels which are very dirty, messy or noisy.

It is a good choice for a curious traveller on a tighter budget or someone who just looking for a place to stay for one night while having a stopover in Sydney.

What type of room to choose?

8 Bed dormitory (photo from internet)

When choosing a backpacker hostel, always think about how big dormitory you want. Do you prefer to share a room with other 5 or 7 people or would you rather stay with just a few people?

Are you travelling alone or with bunch of friends? It is always a roulette game what people will you be sharing your room with.

Even the best backpacker hostel can be messy, noisy or the room will just smell with the wrong people. 😀

That is the risk of Backpacker hostels.:-)

However, if you are on tight budget and you really want to spend a few days in Sydney,  the only way is to stay in Backpacker hostel which cost around $40 AUD for equivalent quality. Every standard hotel price starts from at least $100 per night and even for this price you might end up in an awful hotel with a dirty room which will smell and you will not feel safe there. Then you will be happy for choosing a hostel.  Trust me, I have experienced this. 😉 The advantage of the Base Backpacker hostel is that the reception is open 24 hours.

Let's make a decision

If you are thinking about Base X Backpacker hostel as your WINNER for your stay in Sydney, make a booking directly from my page and I will give you some tips about Sydney as a BONUS

Book it now to avoid ending up in a bad place and even more expensive.

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