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Brisbane – Top Suburbs and Places to Visit


A Small Magnificent CIty

Brisbane is a lovely city has a special energy for me. 

For just visitors, it seems like that there is nothing much to explore. However, once you are there you might find the hidden beauty. 

I have lived in Brisbane for some time and I always feel so connected to this city. 

People in Brisbane are friendly, mostly laid back, relaxed and you can feel really welcome there.

The city offers plenty of activities if you search for it. It doesn’t offer that much variety as Sydney or Melbourne but you can still find cool things to do. There are some amazing cafes to visit, nice restaurants as well or shopping is not that bad. 

The shops usually close quite early – 6 pm during the week, except Thursdays and Fridays when some shopping centres, restaurants or cafes are open until late. 

I know a few nice places which are open until late or later than usual also during the week. If you are interested in knowing more, you can contact me. 

The city by itself is kind of small as the main area is around CBD, South bank and Fortitude Valley. That way you can easily bump into people who you already know quite often when you live here. 

Each part of Brisbane has its own style and vibe. 

Let me introduce my selection of suburbs that I consider worth checking.


Fortitude Valley

I would call this area a „party town“ as the weekend nights are usually full of young people going out to have a fun. There are mostly lot of teenagers but you can find some mature people too. 

This area is full of bars and clubs of various character -from a classy Cloudland, rooftop bars to rock clubs, oldies style bars, jazz clubs or just a „normal bar“ or pub. I think everyone can find what they want.

During the week days in the afternoon, the area is completely different. I would say it can look kind of „dirty“, You can notice some homeless people on the street, people drinking in a pub and smoking. 

Nearby is also a Chinatown that offers some Asian specialities.

New Farm

This suburb has a magnificent park where people like just chilling out, enjoying family time, catching up with friends or doing sports activities. 

You can visit the Powerhouse nearby which is a place with the newest performances or exhibitions. 

It is surrounded by restaurants near the river with a really nice walk. This is one of my favourite suburb in Brisbane. The vibe is very chilled.

Central Business District (CBD)

This is the main city centre. There are two main shopping malls – Myer Shopping Centre which isn‘t huge but you can still find some nice clothes, jewelry, home decoration or some craft. 

The other shopping mall located in this area is Queens Plaza which is more “fancy“.  You can buy expensive brands that sell clothes, handbags, shoes or jewelry. 

Other shops are located in Queen street with restaurants around. Some of the most noticeable are Jimmy‘s on the Mall or Pig and Whistle. 

At the end of the Queen street by the river is a square with the Treasury Casino. Apart from that there is also the Brisbane Square Library. 

Not far from the city centre is City Botanical Garden which is lovely.  You can have a beautiful walk along the river and it is definitely worthwhile to spend some time there.

Eagle Street

Eagle street is the „fancy“ part of Brisbane. There are lot of expensive restaurants around, some clubs and beautiful cafes. People in this part  of the city usually were suits or they dress up more. 

If you walk towards river, there is a lovely walk with view of the Story Bridge. 

South Bank

Another lovely river walk, either afternoon or at night. I love this place. 

Just be careful of Ibis birds who can eat everything! You will notice them how they are trying to take food from paper wraps with their long beak. 

There are some BBQ areas so you can buy meat or vegetables and grill it, chill out and enjoy the day. 

Southbank has a city beach with a pool. In summer, it is usually very crowded as it is the only beach in the city. It is the most popular for families and students. 

At the weekends, you can enjoy markets nearby or have a meal in one of local restaurants. 

West End

West End has little bit of a hippies style. Some people love it, for some is a bit different style. 

West End offers a nice selection of restaurants from Japanese, Mexican, Greek to vegetarian restaurants with really cool drinks like Turmeric Latte, drinks with coconut and almond milk or vegetable and fruit smoothies. 

At the weekends there are markets with fresh vegetables and fruits, eating options and craft along the river.

Kangaroo Point

In Kangaroo point you can find amazing cliffs, and the river walk is just stunning. 

It is a bit complicated to get there by a public transport. However, it is a nice and green suburb. 

Just walking across the story bridge is truly amazing! 

You can have a walk from Fortitude Valley (e.g. Chinatown) to Kangaroo Point- go to Brunswick street and then turn to Martin street, keep walking until you see the Story Bridge. (check the map below). 

Either walk during the afternoon and see the magnificent view or walk at night and see the buildings with lights and feel like being in a movie!

Red Hill and Paddington

I like this suburb for the „classy“ style and also beautiful nature. 

It is a hilly area and you can see Brisbane from the top. The house style is usually a traditional Queenslander so don’t expect modern accommodation. It has its own charm. 

Around Paddington Central are nice cafes and restaurants.

Upper Mount Gravatt

This area has a Griffith University campus with a tranquil forest around. Perfect for a walk or having a bike ride.


Wilston Look Out

Located around the Brisbane river with the most beautiful view of the Story Bridge – no matter if you walk morning, afternoon or evening. 

Mt. Cootha

A popular place to visit and enjoy the magnificent view of the city. 

It is popular not just for tourists but also for couples to watch the sunset, having a romantic dinner. visit a fancy restaurant and have a delicious dinner or sit on the grass and enjoy the view.

Brisbane City Botanical Garden

Amazing spot to chill out, think about life or read a book or do blogging. 

Botanical Garden in Brisbane have beautiful spots to sit on the grass and also nice benches along the river. The walk around will help you clean your thoughts and make you feel happy. 



To sum up, Brisbane offers some cultural places such as Queensland Performing Art Center (QPAC), Brisbane cultural Precinct or The Powerhouse.

A perfect place to have a party for young people is Fortitude Valley.

A magnificent walk along the river with the view of Story Bridge is great for couples or solo dreamers. 

South Bank, New Farm Park or Mt. Cootha offers a peaceful view of the city.

Brisbane is amazing city by itself but also a great spot when you want to have a stopover before you go to Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. 

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