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Cairns is an alluring city in the North Australia. It is not only famous for its Great Barrier Reef but also for other beautiful escapes such as Daintree Rainforest, Kuranda Scenic Railway, Crocodile adventure or Aboriginal Centre. 

Walking along Esplanade at night is incredibly romantic and serene. 

Let’s explore with me.

Great Barrier Reef

Just flying over Cairns will take you into a fairytale! You will observe a lot of small islands from the plane which looks like smaragds – a small colourful stones that are standing out of the azure ocean. I still remember seeing this view for the first time. It was such an incredible experience.

How can you explore the Great Barrier Reef?

Helicopter Tour over Reef


Snorkelling is one of the most common activities that people try in Cairns. The reef offers a beautiful underwater life – from numerous species of tropical fish to turtles and reef sharks. 


Port Douglas

Explore Great Barrier Reef and check Port Douglas. It is located around one hour drive from North Cairns. It offers aquamarine waters, snorkel trips, hip cafes, Daintree Rainforest and more. 

Spectacular Daintree Rainforest

Take a tour in Daintree Rainforest or visit the Crocodile farm! A lovely place to spend your free time. 

Hartley's Lagoon – Crocodile Farm

Have you ever seen a crocodile in a wild nature? If your answer is no, then you must see the Hartley’s lagoon! 

Imagine being on the boat in a river and wait for crocodiles to appear in the river. You can also see them lying on the shore and if you are lucky you might see them jump out of the water! 

The cruise tour is conducted by experienced guide who will tell you some interesting facts about crocodiles and take you to places where the crocodiles naturally swim in their environment. 

If you are hungry, how about to try a crocodile pie? 

Esplanade Boardwalk

Check the city life, walk along the Esplanade,  enjoy the ocean breeze. Don’t forget to have a fancy dinner or go to a classy bar.

Kuranda Village, Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda Village is a centre of Aboriginal Art with markets around. Check the beautiful design, buy some traditional aboriginal souvenirs and then head to the rainforest with Kuranda Scenic Railway. The ride takes approximately 90 minutes. 

Palm Cove

A romantic sandy beach surrounded by tropical palms. The coastal walk is so peaceful and serene. A perfect place to end up your day.

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  1. Great post. Reminded me of what a great time I had visiting Cairns a few years ago.

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