The First Cabin hotel in Kyoto-review

When I was visiting Kyoto, I chose to stay in the Capsule hotel First Cabin. This style of accommodation simulates a First class in plane. 

Imagine the feeling of being in a plane like a VIP, have a comfy bed and not pay a fortune for it. That is what can you experience in the First Cabin hotel.

The staff wears stewards costumes like so that you feel like being on a plane. 

BELIEVE OR NOT for this luxury you will pay only $40 AUD per night!

If you go in a very peak season such as Christmas time, the prices can be around $60 AUD. The Capsule hotel First Cabin is safe, clean and modern. 

If you are a budget traveller then definitely consider this option but even if you are OK with your money, the experience is just UNFORGETTABLE. 

The hotel Interior

The First Cabin hotel Kyoto

 The First Cabin hotel room can be a small Cabin with just a bed (similar to Capsule hotel Nine hours in Tokyo) or  a “mini room” with a bed, some lockable space under your bed, a little table and TV (the room is in the picture).

The place is quiet, there are headphones for the TV so people don’t make noise and you can sleep well. 

The hotel also provides towels, pajamas, slippers, mini toothpaste with a toothbrush and some other small items . 

The shower area is fully equipped with free toiletries and also a hair drier.

Do you need to charge your phone and don’t have the right electricity adaptor? 

No problem! You can borrow a universal adaptor to charge your phone or electronics from the reception desk.


bathroom in First Cabin hotel

The floors are separated for women and men. There is also a coin laundry machine if you need to wash your clothes. 

The First Cabin hotel has a breakfast area downstairs where can you meet with other travellers to not feel lonely if you travel alone. 🙂 

Nearby are some nice restaurants with delicious fresh fish meals. I would recommend the First Cabin Kyoto hotel for all people who want to experience non-traditional way of accommodation, be in a clean place with convenient location and save some money. 

I really loved the design of this hotel and I enjoyed watching Japanese channels or listened a peaceful Japanese music in the evening. 

Also, the First Cabin hotel has a free Wi-Fi!

Check the availability

As I have said price starts from $40 AUD per night 

So, if you are ready, you can book it directly from my page, and I am happy to provide you more information about Kyoto. 🙂 

Enjoy your staying. 😉

The closest station is Shijo station. The area is convenient, quiet and safe. For a public transport use a 500 YEN day pass with unlimited rides. 

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  1. I’d love to see hotels like this in more locations. They are not only space efficient but energy and environmentally good too. Keep up the great posts.

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