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The Best Cheap Eats Location in Melbourne

Do you want to try a tasty food in Melbourne but don’t have much budget? Don’t get desperate. 

You can still experience a rich variety of meals from all over the world for a reasonable price. Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city which offer specialties from all over the world and it will be a huge mistake to not taste it! 

Check my recommended locations where can you find a cheap food with a nice taste. If you like eating and also care where you eat, it can be time-consuming to search for the right place. To find a place where can you enjoy the experience, the quality and also nice sitting can be overwhelming.

I am going to show you the locations where to find a tasty but also a cheap food so you don’t need to worry that it is out of your budget. 

Let’s have a look at where to search.


Elizabeth Street

Udon Yasan, soup with seaweed + tempura prawn

Street full of takeaways, especially Asian style. There is a place called Udon Yasan. It offers meals with prices that start at $4.50 or $5.50 for a plain Udon soup. It looks authentic, not a classic food court cheap style. 

Pepper Lunch – It is a Japanese franchise that you can also find in Sydney. They have combos with rice, sizzling meat or salad variation. It is quite nice and tasty!



China Town

Plenty of Asian food. There is a dumpling place, Japanese places as well as Vietnamese and Korean. China Town in Melbourne is absolutely a must to try.