Wanderlust is a desire, a passion, an obsession to explore the world. Let me tell you a story about my wanderlust mind. 

When I was a kid I used to play to be a traveller. I had my secret place from where I could teleport myself to another world where was anything I wanted. I could create my ideal world.

When we are kids, we have this sense of creativity with an unlimited imagination. We belief we can do whatever we want it, and we feel so much excitement of it. 

I had many dreams about travelling and meeting people from all over the world and the dreams continued when I got older. It was a strong desire in me. 

I was always fascinated by travel documentaries with people who go for an adventure and observe animals in a wild nature, swim with the whales or just wander in a new city, take a trip with campervan, driving through the desert or explore a local food.

Then every time I went travelling I loved the feeling of exploring the nature, especially ocean that I don’t have in my country. 

I never got bored by watching the waves and listening its sound. The other fascination for me is experiencing exotic flavours and meals from all over the world, observing how people behave and their habits, thinking and seeing the differences in expressing their emotions. 

I like to observe how the gestures change from nation to nation has different meaning, how people have different proximity zone when they talk to each other or the tone of voice, special expressions and energy.

However, growing up in Europe I travelled mostly just around there and any other further continents were just a dream for me. 

Either it was because of money, a fear of unknown or travel too far, I just haven’t go out of Europe until 2012. 

Then I decided to take a step and travel to USA – HAWAII. It was  one of the happiest memories from that time. 

It might sound silly but I felt that I made a huge step in overcoming my fear of a very long flight. I was worried about that I got lost or what if anything happen on the way.

The other part of overcoming the fear was that I travelled alone which can be kind of scary for the first time.:-)

However, I still remember the first impression when I landed in HAWAII and when I was walking in the city the next morning. It was literally when the dreams come true.

I felt like in a movie, in a dream, in a PARADISE

From this wanderlust experience I realised that I really want to try living in another country as I was so excited like a little kid and felt that if I don’t try it, I will regret it for whole my life and wonder “what if”.

So two years later I decided to go and live in Australia for a while and here we go I am still here.:-) I perceived how strong desire is just unstoppable and how we can become incredibly happy if we follow it.

My wanderlust mind is telling me to visit almost every country in the world. I am still trying to figure out if it is possible in a one lifetime.:-)

For me, travelling is not just having a vacation to switch off my mind and be like a tourist. 

I am neither a person who wants to just be like a nomad to spend my life by moving from one place to another and have no stability. 

I like to have a place call home and have freedom with travelling.

I have found a life balance in being able to travel whenever I feel like and to places I just want to explore. 

If I travel just a few days to some country, I can enjoy it same spending there whole week. Actually, sometimes just few days can be enough and then wander in another place. 

The fact, that fascinates me is to be able to see new cultures and “taste” it to see if I like it and if I want to travel there again for a longer time or if it is not my style and want to rather go somewhere else. 

Travelling is for me exploring the world, seeing the places that admired in magazines or online, on social media etc. in my real life. 

During my wandering the world I have experienced what I truly enjoy. 

It excites me to explore the unexplored places, connect with people all over the world, be amazed of beautiful scenery, incredible architecture or a unique expression of a unique art.

I love seeing how other people lives, it increases my creative mind, it teaches me what is a life about understanding deeper my values. 

From seeing people living in a luxury to seeing poor people struggling you can think of what makes people really happy no matter how much money they have, why people live in a certain way and what can be changed. 

But you can also see people who has money and they are truly happy because they know their life purpose. 

Then I also noticed how some cultures are more focused on survival mechanism, others can be more money oriented, rules oriented and others more spiritual. I can see how the environment has an impact on how we think.

I also love experiencing various style of travelling – from comfy travels and staying in nice hotels to an adventure, staying in backpackers hostels,  AirBnb or taking a cruise or even go camping. 

It makes me feel like living several lives and imagining the life from many perspectives. 

Also meeting people from all over the world opens eyes, increases empathy and wisdom. 

Wanderlusting keeps you young, curious, open minded and smart and that is what I love.

How about you? 

What do you love on travelling? Do you have a wanderlust mind? 

What are the reasons why do you travel? What are your favourite countries? 

Leave a comment. 😉

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