Are you a foodie traveller? Then you will love this place! Eataly is a place in New York with authentic Italian food. Eataly caught my eyes at the first sight! 

When I walked inside, the beautiful smell of coffee beans triggered me a pleasant feeling of joy and excitement. As a coffee lover, I always love drinking the best coffee I can. 

There are two coffee shops inside. I have tried Cafe Vergnano (in the photo). Amazing macchiato. 🙂 

Eataly shops and cafes

As you walk further, you will notice sweets and cakes on your way. How about to try some Italian Cannoli? I was curious how does it taste with a real ricotta cheese. 

A cannoli is an Italian pastry made from a crispy crust in a shape of tube which is filled with sweet flavoured ricotta cheese – pistachio, chocolate or even coffee flavour!

After a sweet treatment continue to the section full of cheese or continue to see fresh fish and lobsters. I love seafood and if I could cook it during my stay in New York, I would love to buy some to cook it at home to create a delicious seafood!

 If you feel like having a traditional Italian pizza, let’s have a glass of wine and real pizza. You can also buy a very thick Italian-americano pizza for a snack to go.:-) 

How about a fresh pasta to cook it at home? (if you have where to cook it! 🙂 ). 

 Continue further to the grocery with fresh vegetables and italian olive oils. I was very impressed with this place as I love great quality of food and if you go to an average Italian restaurant anywhere, it is not always the real Italian food. 

In this place, you can see that the quality is in high standard.

To sum up, Eataly is great to visit for an afternoon snack, lunch or dinner or for buying real Italian ingredients to cook it at home.  If you are a pizza and pasta lover, you will be in heaven and even if you just love coffee and cake, then go for it as well. 

Next to the Eataly is a famous Flatiron building and also a Lego shop. 

The opening hours are daily from 9am till 11pm! 

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