Food around Amsterdam

When I travel, I am always excited to try famous local food.

I love experiencing the real flavour of the local ingredients even if I am sometimes aware that is not so healthy. 

During my stay in Amsterdam I only tasted a few traditional food otherwise I sticked with my favourite salads. 🙂 They looked lovely and freshly prepared, so I couldn’t resist.

I also fell in love with fresh juices and smoothies in Amsterdam. The taste was incredible! They were almost everywhere in the supermarket so it wasn’t really hard to find it. 

Let’s have a look on some traditional Dutch food.


Gouda cheese

As you probably know Amsterdam is a paradise of cheese!

There are a lot of local stores which are specialized on Gouda cheese with various flavours, styles and ages!

You can taste them for free. Some flavours can be for example green or red pesto or nuts.


If you go to the grocery/supermarket you will notice that packs of tapas are quite common to see everywhere. They are originally a Spanish snack with mix variety of cheese, salami and olives. However, Dutch people love it.

The salami is already cut in small pieces, same is with the cheese and it tastes great!


What is it? Simple a French fries in a paper cone. The thing that makes them unique is that you can choose from rich variety of unique flavour for the sauce – approximately 20 or even more? 

I had trouble to decide 😀 I usually don’t eat fries but because it is that famous there I had to taste them.:D 

Some examples of the toppings (apart from mayonnaise or BBQ) is knoflook (garlic sauce), peanut sauce, mustard or curry. Interesting!


They are like fluffy pancakes but I really didn’t want to try everything so this time I missed it, however if you are looking for testing something traditional, this is famous! 😀


A savory deep fried meatballs, a favourite snack but again not healthy so not for me 😀

Pic by Sara Winter, Dreamstime


They are lovely decorated and probably more famous for Belgium. However, you will find them a lot when you walk along the city. 

They are covered with a toping flavours such as strawberry, chocolate, Nutella or pistachio. 

From my personal experience, I have tried one of these waffles once, and they were not warm and the cover was just solid and very sugary so a bit disappointed. 

Maybe just a wrong choice.:-)

Slagroom soetzen

Not sure if it is traditional but I bought them just to experiment, and they tasted so good!!

Omg, really tasty!! It is basically like a fluffy puff filled with whipped cream.  

It was kind of addictive. Luckily I can control myself 😀

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