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Fraser Island Trip

Paradise sand island in North Queensland

Do you want to escape to the nature and be surrounded by ocean and also see crystal blue lakes? Then check this beautiful sand island. 

Did you know that Fraser island is the largest sand island in the world? It is 123 km long and 22 km wide.

I took an adventure trip to this sandy island as one of my first trips in Australia. I wanted to make it more special, so I decided to join a bunch of Aussies to explore the island from the view of locals. We have stayed in a cottage in North part of the island. 

There were no reception around, no Facebook, barely receiving any messages, completely lost in the nature surrounded by wild dingoes who were howling through the nights. It was a fun trip. If you are internet addicted, stay in the south part of the island. 

Let’s escape to Fraser island. 

What to see on Fraser island

Lake McKenzie

I was very surprised by this lake as it has a crystal blue colour! The lakes I used to saw in for example Czech are just brown or green and really not that clear. 

This lake is lake an ocean or like a pool! Just check the photos.

Central Station Rainforest

Located near Lake McKenzie. Explore the forest, wade the river and read about dingo language. You might even see dingoes there or just see them from the car.

Old Ship Maheno Wreck in Happy Valley

Champagne Pools

This photo of Unique Fraser is courtesy of TripAdvisor

These pool provides a bubbly water which is separated by the rock and reminds a pool or jacuzzi. Let’s take a champagne and jump into water!

Indian Head

And then just enjoy the sandy beaches all around the island! Drive along the coast on the sand, hear the ocean and feel the nature. In the evening you can observe the stars and just chill out.

Tips - What to know

Be aware of dingos! 

Yes, exactly, on the island are wild dingoes, walking in the forest and if you provoke them, they might attack you. 

I don’t want to scare you though. Dingoes are like a wolf, so they are a wild dogs which can attack someone if they are hungry or if you will provoke them. Walking alone on the island is not so smart because of that, if you are in a group then you should be fine.


Take your own food before you go

There are not many kiosks to buy a proper food, so if you are picky with food, be prepared and take your own. If you stay in south part of the island and don’t mind takeaways and basic food then you will be fine but might spend more money on food you don’t really enjoy.

Check Rainbow beach before you get there

On your way –  if you drive from Brisbane, stop by Rainbow beach, it is beautiful! Then continue to Inskip point to catch the ferry to the island where can you put your 4WD. 

Have a 4WD car

You need a 4WD car! Yes, it is a sand island so forget about hiring a “normal” car. You will get stuck! People usually take a tour there or go with someone who is experienced in this as to get stuck in the sand is not fun. It might take you a very long time to find a help.

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