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Get Lost in Las Vegas

What to Do in Las Vegas?

If you travel to the West Coast of USA, you should visit Las Vegas in Nevada. 

You might like it, you might feel that this city it is very fake but the experience is worth for sure!

Las Vegas is not only about gambling and watching shows but also about exploring nature around. Las Vegas is located near the Grand Canyon. 

If I have ever had a chance to see Las Vegas again I would spend few more days there to see the Grand Canyon national park!  

Las Vegas is a city in the middle of the desert. The temperature is boiling! I was very excited for my first visit and I decided to stay in a fancy hotel to maximise my stay. 

I have stayed in hotel New York New York in a top level. The room had a jacuzzi inside!  

Very fancy and just an awesome deal!


I still remember my arrival. Outside was around 40 Celsius – extremely hot.  

I checked in and upgraded my room to one of the highest located rooms.  

You know, when you are in a city that you always wanted to visit and you are aware that you are don’t go there every year, why not to allow yourself a pleasure of an exclusive treat?

The place was huge! It had a kitchen, living room and bedroom. I have got a room with a Jacuzzi. 

I remember how excited I was that I just immediately jumped in the Jacuzzi. 

After the flight it was relaxing and refreshing.

Where to go?

Walk along the Las Vegas strip

Las Vegas strip is a place lined with neon lights, casinos, shows and fake statues from cities all over the world. 

It is a place where can you explore whole world  – Paris , India, Arabia, New York, whatever.  Each part has its character that represent certain country.

If you like spending money, then there are hips of shopping centres. 

If you feel like trying some gambling, why not to try it. However, don’t get stuck and don’t spend all your money there! It can be very tempting to think that you can win more. 

Go to the Las Vegas Sign

It won’t be a Vegas without a photo with the sign! 

If your hotel is located near Las Vegas strip, follow the sign and you will find it easily. 

Don’t forget to check out Harley Davidson shop on the way! Very cool place to be!

Fountains of Bellagio

The fountain runs from Monday to Friday every 30min from 3-8 pm and every 15min from 8pm to midnight. 

Saturday and Sunday hours slightly differ (Saturdays from 12am, Sundays from 11 am). 

Check the casinos and compare different vibes and atmosphere. I personally quite enjoy when people dress up and go for some classy drinks to casino. It feels cool. It makes me feel like being in a movie. I know I say that all the time. 🙂 


Shows in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas there are always wonderful shows from all over the world. 

If you love it, then check what is on before you go to Vegas. Some shows require to buy the tickets in advance and to manage the time you want to see it.

For example, you can go to David Copperfield show or other magic shows, Cirque du Soleil and more. 

Be mindful where do you buy it. In a hotel they might you offer “a special price” but then you will actually pay more. It might be cheaper to buy it online.

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  1. I haven’t been to Las Vegas in years but after reading this I definitely need to go back!

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