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How to Set Up Goals?

How to specify your goals?

Setting up goals is not always easy. We might think what we want but if we keep procrastinating there can be something behind. Either if it is lack of exact picture of what we want or that we actually don’t want it. 

Instead of writing “I want to be successful” write down what exactly does it mean to you and how will it change you – what kind of job will you be doing, how much will you be earning, how will people react to you or how do you want to feel..

Then write down a time frame – the exact day when this change will happen. Sounds simple?  Well, don’t underestimate this step! 

We all have more than just one goal, however, the most important goal is usually the long-term goal which is connected to our short-term goals.

Write down your long-term goal first. That will be the key to your other small goals.

For example – your goal is to earn 100 000$ next year. Sounds like a specific goal, it has specific number and time, right? I would add a specific day to make it clear though.



Find your why

Find the MOTIVATION – Why do you want it? What will change in your life? How would you feel? 

Then think of the ACTION wthat you need to take – What will be the first step? What habits do you need to create? What kind of people do you need to be surrounded to? What person do you need to be? What will you need to sacrifice?  What mindset will you have to create?

Set up your goals

When you realise why do you want what you want and set up the time-frame then divide the ACTION STEPS that you need to take in weeks, months, years and stick to it. 


Visualise it

Apart from the logical part use your imagination – VISUALISE your goal. Feel it, see it, enjoy it

You can use pictures or whatever help you to have a vivid imagination. Do it every day and BELIEVE!

Have you ever seen a documentary “The Secret”? If you are into self-development, I guess, that you already know it. However, the fact about this documentary is that not everyone fully understands how this “Law of Attraction” works. 

Don’t become too obsessive with the dreaming and visualising for hours that you forget to do the action! Another extreme is that you just briefly imagine your goal but don’t feel it properly. 

You can visualise just for a short time, however, it has to be INTENSIVE

The most important is to imagine all the details, colours and feelings how will your life change when you achieve it. It will create the right mindset to create the transformation.

Identify why not

After all this writing and visualising, you will also clarify if the goal that you set up for yourself is truly something that you really want to. 

If you start visualising and you feel “I don’t know if I actually want it” or if you just cannot imagine it and feel it because of some reason then it might not be exactly what do you want. 

There can be something else behind it. 

We might have created a certain goal that will later appear that was someone else dream or the reason was completely different! Then here we go – that is why we weren’t motivated enough to do anything for it. However, that’s is another chapter. 

I just wanted to mention it as I think that chasing a certain goal without knowing why you want it, could be a waste of time. It can also end being disappointed or not satisfied with yourself. 


Let’s summarise what do you need to do in order to specify your goals.

Ask yourself – Have you written a specific goal with all the details? Have you written when you will accomplish it? Did you set up the time-frame?

Write down the action steps that you are committed to do every day or weekly and keep going! 

It requires a lot of DISCIPLINE to not get distracted and be focused but once you create this habit, your success in on the way! Feel free to reach me if you have any further question. 

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  1. Daniel says:

    Love the sharing on what the extremes look like, relate to this so well. Something i already knew, but love the reminder and clear way of getting to the point.

    Thanks Diana

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion Daniel. 🙂

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