Welcome to Hawaii

Aloha!  When arriving in Hawaii, the first thing you will hear will be a pleasant melody of a ukulele accompanied by the Hawaiian language which will sink you into a tranquil spirit of the island. 

As you start looking around, you will notice locals wearing flowers around their neck and bead necklaces with a flowered T-shirt which introduce the traditional Hawaiian style. 

People are smiling and palms are waving at you while wandering around the street. A warm wind is slightly touching your face, the sun is shining. Yeah, this is the spirit of Hawaii!

Where to stay + prices

For my first stay in Hawaii, I chose Waikiki – the most popular place. I wanted to experience the traditional place first.

For the second time, I decided to stay in the middle of nature surrounded by mountains in Waialae Kahala. The place had his own charm and I could connect with nature.

I stayed in Airbnb with a really nice and friendly Chilean lady, who was a passionate yoga teacher and I loved her peaceful energy. She also made me a delicious and healthy vegetable smoothie every morning. 

Waialae Beach Park was a local beach nearby which was surrounded by palms and cute mini island. However, I think that the beach belongs the hotel so you “shouldn’t” just go to the beach there if you are not staying in a hotel.

The last bus from Waikiki to Waialae Kahala goes until around 9.30pm. If you catch Uber or Lyft then it costs around 10-12$ and it will save your time (but you must have an internet on your mobile phone).

I feel that when you stay in the city you tend to be like a tourist, go shopping and try nice restaurants and search for tours to go, whilst if you are in the middle of mountains you feel more like a local who live there. I loved both stays. 

The place to choose always depends on your style, where do you want to go and, if you plan renting a car or not, if you like a fancy, or decent place and if you travel alone or with your partner or friends and of course on your budget.

Price for stays – from $50 (for Backpacker hostels), Airbnb from $80 but most likely $100 per night, hotel starts from around $140 per night


Hawaiians take it easy, therefore the timetable is not always accurate and can be delayed due to traffic. Tickets are sold directly on a bus. 

You are required to have small coins for a bus. It is a return ticket so you can use it one more time. However, it is valid just until a certain time written on the ticket. 

To get off the bus you need to let the driver know by pulling a cord above your head in a bus and then exit to the rear door.

One of my story that happened to me was when I got into a bus and realized that I don’t have enough coins to buy a bus ticket. I was in the not so frequent spot, so I got a bit stressed to wait another hour for the next bus. 

Luckily, there were a couple of nice people on a bus who gave me some coins. I was surprised because this would probably never happen in the Czech Republic. They would just kick you out and say “Sorry, next.” Other people would probably get angry for a delay. Haha. 🙂

I also remember when I was travelling to Waimanalo and Lanikai beach how I felt while I was sitting on the bus, watching palms and all the beautiful scenery and observing locals. 

That time I imaged myself what would be like to live there like a local. I love the feeling of being lost in nature. Public transport can be fun and it is a way of seeing the local life.

When you take a tour, the bus can be delayed even 30 minutes! Don’t be stressed that they forgot you. 🙂 I have acknowledged it before and when I took my first tour, it exactly happened!

Catching UBER can be other option if you are stuck and missed the last bus as a local taxi is more expensive.

What is Hawaii famous for?

Flowers – people wear it on their hair, as a necklace, T-shirt style, shorts


Hula dance


Polynesian culture

Tikki statues

Macadamia nuts


Kona Coffee

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