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Our state of mind is connected to our body. Everything we eat changes our health so that it reflects how we feel and how we look. Furthermore, the right nutrition improves the quality of our life. To be healthy and feel full of energy allow us to do whatever we want to, so don’t kill yourself by feeding your body with loads of sugar and unhealthy fats.

Have you noticed how you feel when you eat unhealthy? If you do it, try to observe your energy level, your mood, and your health. For me, when I eat sweets or some unhealthy fats, it is a short-term pleasure and I realized, that if I replace a certain food with a healthier option, it will give me the same feeling of psychical satisfaction as the bad fats. Also, the fact that it will provide me the right nutrition makes me feel even more satisfied.

Healthy food can be tasty and amazing!

For example, a burger from Mc Donald can be replaced by healthy and delicious home-made burger with a good quality of meat, fresh vegetables and sauces without artificial flavours cooked on olive, avocado or coconut oil! The only issue is that you cannot be lazy and just cook it. 🙂 There are so many options how to create your food healthier. I am always aware what I eat. From time to time, I just eat “unhealthy” food as well, that’s fine. However, I have developed a habit to focus on the right nutrition first and then get the unhealthy snacks as a bonus. That’s my style.

Let’s get inspired by a healthy lunch or dinner!















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