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Hiroshima – Top Places to Visit

This peaceful city with tragic past from 6th August 1945 is located in the western part of Japan on the island of Honshu. Entering the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, a tranquil energy will surround you. 

Don’t miss the Peace Memorial Museum with a collection of artifacts, interactive tablets and stories from people who survived atomic bomb attack. 

A walking distance from the park is the famous Atomic Bomb Dome

At night go to Hondori Shotgengai, which is a large shopping street, try Okonomiyaki (one of the specialties in Hiroshima) in Okonomimura

Another day, you can visit sacred Miyajima island with famous floating Tori Gate and the oldest Buddhist temples on the island.


Peace Memorial Museum

Hondori Shotgengai

Okonomiyaki in Okonomi-mura

This restaurant provides a unique experience of eating. It consists of several floors with several kitchen areas where the chefs create their masterpiece! They will cook in front of you.

Select which style of Okonomiyaki you wish –  for example, pork, seafood or vegetarian and watch the chefs on each step of preparation!

Miyajima Island


A peaceful sacred place is offering you to explore more than you expect. The most famous icon of the island is the floating Tori Gate that is visible from the ferry that you will catch to get to there. 

When is high tide, it floats on the sea and when is low tide, you can walk to the gate.

Itsukushima Shrine

This complex of several halls built around the ocean provides a beautiful view of the Tori Gate. 

In addition, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Daisho-in temple

The oldest Buddhistic complex of temples on the island located around Mt. Misen with 500 Rakan statues (small statues of Buddha with a cap) along the way.

The whole area is full of mystical objects and hidden places to explore. The smell of incense will surround you along the way. You will feel the Buddhistic spirit everywhere.

The main entrance to the temple area is the Niomond Gate

Walking up the stair you will notice Daihannya Kyo spinning Sutras. Buddhists believe that touching them will bring you an expansive fortune.

The Henjokutsu Cave

A mystical cave filled with 88 stations of the Shikoku pilgrimage and thousands of lanterns above. It is located beneath Daisho-in temple. Receive all the blessing from the temple.


Underground Spiritual Path

A hidden place that not many people know. The entrance is from the left side of the temple.

You will walk down the stairs into a dark narrow hall with illuminated pictures with one-way direction so you will not get lost. It has a very narrow space.

Once you enter, you need to follow the way until you reach the end. Are you brave enough to try it?

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