Upon first sight, it looks like an average hotel from the outside. However, if you enter to the lobby, you will notice a unique style.  

If you are looking for something “different” then have a look on my review. This hotel in Paris can be a good pick for either solo traveller or couples.


The highlight of the location is that it is near Montmartre and Moulin Rouge which makes your trip easier as you can enjoy both morning and evening exploring the Montmartre without additional way around Paris.

Montmartre can be perfect for having breakfast or lunch in local restaurants as well as to have a delicious dinner and check the night view from the hill below the Palace of Sacred hearts.

The other thing to consider is that the square near the hotel is located near Moulin Rouge and a few night clubs around which might not be suitable for family visit.


The hotel rooms are uniquely decorated. It is not like any other hotel, it has a French style.

Some of you might say that it is a little bit old style. I would say – “Why not to try something different from always being in just an average hotel style?”

If you want to experience something that will create a sassy Paris atmosphere in style on reasonable budget (if you travel in the right time) then it might be a perfect choice.

The classic hotel room is a bit small – if you want more space, it is better to upgrade.


Rooms have a mini balcony, some rooms also offer spa. Basic facilities such as kettle, coffee and tea, fridge and snacks (for purchase) are in every room.

There is no gym or pool in the hotel but you will probably don’t need it when you go to Paris.:-)

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By booking it now, it will not cost you anything extra and I will get a small reward. Thanks 😊

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8 thoughts on “Hotel Villa Royale in Paris, hotel review”

  1. Wow, this hotel looks absolutely beautiful! It definitely has a style of it’s own, and since I have not been to Paris yet, it is definitely on my radar. Totally don’t need a gym or pool when you’re in PARIS!! lol looks like you enjoyed it, and I hope to some day as well!

  2. This room definitely looks amazing. And I would surely love some old French style to begin my mornings with. I especially like the location as you have rightly pointed out. I have been looking forward to visiting the Palace of Sacred Hearts again and this hotel seems to be just the right fit.

  3. There are so many hotels in Paris, it can be overwhelming to pick. So I appreciated reading your review of the Hotel Villa Royale, as a good pick. The location sounds great, I love the Montmartre neighbourhood and Sacre Coeur. The rooms look attractive and comfortable.

  4. Wow, this hotel looks absolutely stunning- I absolutely adore the old French, charming interior. I would definitely want to wake up in this place! Seems like you enjoyed your stay and after reading this, I would definitely want to visit. Thanks for sharing this awesome suggestion.

  5. I like that this hotel is near Moulin Rouge! This place looks quiant but still gorgeous and instagrammable. I will consider this for my soon Paris trip!

  6. I always have a hard time deciding where to stay in Paris. Being near Montmartre is very appealing for adults but I agree that it might be a bit risky for families. I do love walking around that neighborhood and people watching. Plus this hotel is great since each room has character rather than being a sterile room.

  7. This is an awesome hotel review! reminded me of my trip to Paris. I stayed at Montmartre too and it was an awesome location. There are so many options for great food!

  8. Lots of comfort with a tinge of luxury. I like the fact that it is not overtly royal and overbearing. I think I definitely would want to try it out. Thanks for the option

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