I have never been a huge fan of tours as I have always created my own itinerary and made research of places I want to see and enjoyed it. 

However, the more I talk to others I realised how many people actually hate spending time on thinking and organising their trip and want to make their life easier. 

Sometimes it is true – if you choose a right tour, it will save your time and money, especially if you are in the right time on the right place! 

There are so many tour agencies these days. 

How to choose the right one suited just for your style?

Everyone has a different style of travelling. Tours are designed in various styles. 

Some of them are created for young people who are either a solo traveller or friends who want to meet some other cool people while exploring the world. 

Other tours can be focused on places that are hard to reach on your own or even can be impossible to go there on your own without a tour.

Do you want to visit more than one country (especially when your travel in Europe) and not worry about transport, accommodation and all the organising around? 

Then taking a tour is perfect! 

For example this one – start and and in London – Europe Escape. You will visit England, France, Swiss Alps, Italy, Germany, Amsterdam and Belgium in 12 days!

How about sailing? 

Have you always wanted to sail and visit more than just a one island? Take a cruise and enjoy getting immerse into a feeling like a king floating on the ocean, enjoying all the beauty around and spend time with people you love. 

You might take a cruise with your loving partner next to you or bunch of friends who always make you laugh. 

Are you alone and want to find a love? Who knows who can you meet on a cruise. 😉 

Check for example these Greece sailing tours which are now for special price. How about sailing in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik – itinerary here

Do you love Australia and Cairns? 

Read more in my article Cairns holidays

Why not to take a tour this time? Choose your style, destination and enjoy all the benefits and have fun! 

What is your favourite travel destination? Where are you traveling next time? 

Feel free to leave your comment below. 😉

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