Learn tricks how to not give up with your new habit

I noticed that if I start a new habit it usually takes around 1-2 weeks to keep it and feel excited about it and then it slowly get weaker. The hardest time for giving up can be the second and the third week.

I took a time to analyse it and learn how to overcome this struggle.

As I said the first 14 days can be the most challenging. Especially for a commitment to a daily habit such as 30 days challenge etc.

When we start do things differently, we need to get used to it. For example – learning a new skill can be painful, we start  creating new neurological patterns in our brain – it means to use a new way of thinking. We need to train different muscles – whether they are body muscles or brain muscles.

Our natural motivation can drop in a week or little bit later. It happens because we might not see the results yet. We might be impatient. Some days we can feel lazy, tired or too busy and then we stop the cycle.

By stopping the cycle we might start procrastinate with continuing and then end up with doing our own old way that was working in some way for us.

However, if we keep going and achieve our 3-4 weeks challenge we should maintain this habit afterwards in order to anchor it as a part of our routine.

In order to not get our effort wasted maintaining a new habit at least once per week can help.

Let’s see how to stay motivated anytime you want to create any habit.

Find a group for support

If you commit to do something with other people, it always help. At first, it needs to come from you but once you get the right buddy you most likely keep going. For example join a group of people with same goal and talk about your struggles, wins etc. When you see that others keep going and facing similar challenges, it will make your goal feel more meaningful and create a feel that you are not in this alone.

Choose the right influencers

Follow people that motivate you anytime you feel weak and like giving up your awesome new habit. I found out very helpful to watch people who inspire me. For example anytime I don’t feel like working out I watch fitness people doing their work out and how they look like and then I just naturally want to do the same.

It creates some kind of missing out if I don’t do it. I know that the workout will pay off and I will feel amazing.

It works for any other motivation such as looking at people who are preparing healthy food, or people achieving great things in life. You can also watch inspirational talks and podcasts.

Get rid of toxic people

People who drain your energy and keep repeating their mistakes and not willing to learn can cause that you tend to get lazy. It can also cause a feel of being guilty because they might blame you or manipulate you.

Toxic people tend to stop you from being successful because they don’t have enough self-control to change themselves. If you put them close to you and trust them, you are just poisoning yourself.

Track your results

If you are tracking yourself and see what is working and what’s not then you will stay motivated. You will know if you are on the right path and not wasting your time.

Write it down, don’t have it only in your head.

Enjoy your new habit

Feel excited about it or at least just feel good. If you push yourself doing something that makes you feel drained and annoyed then you will most likely end up quickly.

Find a way how can you enjoy your habit even if it goes out of your comfort zone. It will always does in the beginning.

For example – you want to get up earlier. If you push yourself to do it and have no reason to looking forward then you most likely end up giving up. In that case find some ritual you can do early in the morning that will make you happy – either if it is writing, reading, running, watching the sunrise or anything else.

Practice your habit for at least 30 days

I would recommend stay on track even longer to really anchor your habit so that it will become automatic. If it is a good habit then you don’t have to consciously think of it all the time.


Once your habit is a part of your routine, it become easy for you. Then you don’t have to worry about losing it forever as it will stay in your muscle memory.

This means that even though you don’t practise it on daily basis, you developed a sense and discipline to get back to it naturally. Maintain it few times per week and if you can’t keep it that often then try at least go back to it once a week. 

You can create as many healthy habits as you want if you follow this process. Just imagine the great feel that you can have by knowing that this good habit is pleasant for you and you feel excited doing it. 

I love the feel of knowing that I am doing things that are good for my health and soul and I enjoy it in the same time.

What good habit you wish to had?

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