The Statue of Liberty is the icon of America and everyone wants to see it! I was absolutely excited to explore it from a real experience! 

Without seeing the Statue of Liberty when I was in New York, I wouldn’t exist.:) 

The statue is built  on a small island, next to the Ellis Island. It is visible from a Battery Park, however, you will notice it as a very tiny object far away as you can see on my photo.:D 

You might also wonder how much does it cost to see the statue from the detail and whether to take a tour. 

I am going to show you my personal experience and tips how to get there without paying excessive money.

I visited the Statue of Liberty during the winter time which I would say is generally less crowd in compare to spring or summer (if we don’t talk about Christmas and New Years Eve time). 

Although it was very cold and freezing, the queue wasn’t small.

The easiest and cheapest way how to get to the Battery Park is by public transport – subway (South Ferry Station). You don’t have to book your ticket in advance (I travelled in February). 

Just go to the ticket office and buy a ticket ($18.50) and then when you ready you go to line up for the boat to get to the island. The waiting line was quite long but it was’t too slow. 

Once you get inside the terminal, there is a security check which looks like at the airport – put your stuff into basket and remove all of your jackets, however, you can keep your water.:-)

The ferry has 3 floors. The top level has an completely open area so if you travel during winter time you might probably freeze.:D 

There are two bars where can you purchase hot dogs, pretzels, muffins, cookies or coffee, hot chocolate etc. for obsivously higher price than buying somewhere else. 

The first stop is on the island with the Statue. You can buy a ticket to go upstairs. From the island you can also see a beautiful skyline of Manhattan. 

After you explore the island, check the Ellis Island (the last ferry goes around 4.30pm). There is also a skyline view and museum and Cafe but don’t expect much from the Cafe – just a basic coffee and burgers or frozen drink.


1) Don’t buy a tour in the city for the Statue of Liberty trip. 

You can easily catch a ferry from Battery park, it goes every 20 minutes, price is $18.50. The Statue is barely to see from the Battery Park by itself. 

You have to catch a ferry to see it in a real size.:-) There is a free ferry also but it doesn’t go to the islands so you might see the statue just very far from you. 

2) On your way back, check the Charging Bull 

This famous statue symbolizes financial power and everyone just wants to take a photo with him. 

For those who don’t know the legend, it is believed that touching the Bull’s balls will bring you prosperity in life (one funny thing is that after I have been there I was invited the same day on some local party with a nice glass of wine.:-) )

After touching the balls continue to the Financial Center and visit One World Trade Center. If you finish your trip early enough, you can check the Le District with fresh and healthy food and then head to One World Trade Center observatory for the sunset. 

The Le District is an amazing space full of healthy salads, cafes, cakes and few fancy places to have a wine and meal. I highly recommend this place. I just loved that as it was exactly my style.

3) If you plan to visit One World Trade Center observatory, go for the sunset and stay until dark.

Theoretically, if you start your trip early in the morning, you can see all – the Statue of Liberty, the Charging Bull, Financial center, Le District and One World Centre observatory in one day. 

However, if you are a person who don’t like to rush too much and want to fully enjoy your time, consider visiting One World Trade Center separately or just skip it and visit another Skyscraper in NYC. 

There are few different observatories in NYC but in here I can say I enjoyed the beautiful river view with the bridge and the view of the Statue of Liberty.  

I haven’t been to other skyscrapers but I would say that the view would not be as beautiful as everything will be further from you. 

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