Stress is one of the feeling that can we experience on daily basis and it can be difficult to get rid of it. 

Stress is everywhere and it is easy to get stressed without much effort by the energy of other people, pressure to get things done, pressure to survive, to make money, to make sure that we take care about our family and friends and nurture our relationships well or just that we don’t have time or that we worry about future.

If we are poor we might struggle with surviving, not having certainty, thinking about future. 

If we are rich or having enough money we might stress about all the money, that someone else will take advantages of us, more loads of work, pressure from many people around. 

So either way we will experience stress in our life, no matter how much money we have or how successful in life we are. Even being somewhere in the middle class can be stressful. 

No matter how much money do we have, stress follow us on each step. There will be always tasks that we need to accomplish or people with who we need to talk, places we need to go. 

We cannot escape from everyday pressure either if it is from our work, family or our existence!

However, don’t get desperate, there is a solution how to handle it if we know how to deal with it or if we sometimes turn our stress in a positive way in order to get our tasks done. 

You can live a life in a harmony – be on track to follow your goals and dreams and still enjoying fun, nurture relationships, be happy and have a time to rest. If you change your attitude and learn how to deal with all this pressure you can become more relaxed and consequently happier

There is no black and white to either let go everything and rather don’t care about anything to have less stress in life or stress yourself and keep busy as much as possible to think that it will bring you better results. 

You might be more productive in a short time but then sooner or later you end up exhausted, burn out and seeking for a help.

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I would say that we all need to find a life balance and know when is the time to have a fun and enjoying the present moment and when is the time to work hard in order to achieve what we want to in life. 

Be organised and disciplined. To be disciplined and follow our goals doesn’t mean that we cannot have a time to enjoy everyday beauty. We can have even more time when we organise ourselves well. 

Our life is a treasure, we are not here just to pay the bills or waste our time by being lazy, not achieving anything or being bored or seeking others to entertain us. 

Be your own creator of life. When you find your own purpose and self realisation then you don’t have to stress out that much because you can prioritize your tasks, be your own manager and you will know that you are responsible for your actions. 

Finally, you will also find out that the feeling of the stress is what you have created by yourself. Sounds simple? Think about it, you will realise that YES, you are responsible for your feelings, actions, your life. Accept it and don’t blame others because of your failures, bad feelings or pressure because only you have created it.

You are responsible for your feelings, actions and your life. 

Do you want to learn HOW TO CLEAR YOUR MIND from all worries and pressure and become more self aware? 

Do you want to feel relaxed, have a sharp mind and be full of energy

Let go of stress with daily meditation. Create your MEDITATION ROUTINE. 

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