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How to Meditate

Meditation has a long-lasting effect on our mind and body. By regular practising, you will become more aware of the present moment, enhance the overall quality of life, reduce your stress level and anxiety. Meditation can help you get a sharper mind and better focus.

How to meditate? You can use basic meditation techniques or you can take it to the next level.

You might be meditating for a while but still not get to the level of bliss and joy. It is the next stage that you can get from regular meditation. It takes time to get to this level. However, you can start experimenting with a variety of meditation types to find the one that will be the most beneficial for you.

In practice of mindfulness, you develop a skill how to pay attention to your breath, body and the present moment. Remember, meditation is a personal journey, each technique may resonate with each individual differently. Additionally, you have the opportunity to set a specific intension for each meditation session. Let’s have a look on types of meditation you can experiment with. Feel free to watch the suggested videos and insights in the comment section.

Types of meditation

Guided meditation

This meditation usually helps you to visualise better as you can hear a voice that guides you so that you don’t have to think and it will distract you from your own cluttered thoughts. Remove anxiety with this short guided meditation.

Nature meditation

This is one of my most favourite meditation. You can find a spot in nature of your own choice – whether it is an ocean, forest, river, lake or any favourite place you love in nature. You can just walk or sit still and observe all the details of the beauty around you

Positive affirmation

Another type of meditation is to listen to positive affirmations that will make you feel happier. The more you listen to it, the more you will start believing in it and your energy will change. 

Gratitude meditation

Write down a list of things that you are grateful for and regularly remind it to yourself. You can listen to peaceful music or just sit in a quiet place whilst you are focusing on it. The best time is to do it in the morning or before you go to sleep.

Love and kindness

Practise your empathy by sending loving energy to people around you, it will change the vibration of energy around you and you will notice more peace and happiness in your life, it takes time to be able to really connect to the pure love without any condition but the more you practise it the more you can feel it.

Dancing meditation

Movement is a great way how to get out of your mind. Find music without words that you feel emotionally connected to and follow the rhytm. Let your body naturally flow without things of movement, you can even scream if you want. It is so releasing.

Breathing meditation

Focus on your breath, just count to the 5 when you breath in and 5 when you breath out, you will notice a huge different after 5 minutes of doing that. 

Sound meditation

By using for example Tibetan bowls, bells or drums you can create a very intense meditation that will create a vibration in your body, that way you can activate your body and cleanse toxins.

InnerTalk: Change has never been easier!

How to get your meditation practice to the next level?

From my personal practice, I found a combination of meditation techniques that can really make me feel high. It can take a time to learn it if you are a complete beginner in the meditation world. If you already have your own meditation routine and feel a little bit bored or want to try something new, this can help you get into a deeper state of mind that you might not experienced before. 

Another technique, that I have created, is to focus on deepening visualisation, increasing creativity and the joy of life. However, if you are a beginner, before experimenting with a deeper level of meditation, I would recommend firstly detox your state of mind to remove your inner conflicts. It will help you clean unnecessary thoughts and learn how to really be able to meditate in an effective way. 

If you want to find out more, leave me your email and I will contact you for more info. 

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