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How to Prepare for a Long Flight

As an experienced traveller I have learned how to make my flight as much comfortable as possible to avoid any stressful situations such as excess baggage weight, getting lost, missing important documents or inappropriate items in my carry on. 

I always try to think what I can do better for my next trip and how can I enjoy every moment of my journey. I am happy to share with you useful tips that I have collected on my journeys and that can be handy for you. 

When I started traveling I was always stressed if I have everything, if I am ready and consequently, I packed my stuff until late night. Then I didn‘t have enough sleep and got stressed that I have packed too much stuff. With time, I learnt how to make this process of packing and planning actually exciting! 

Action to do before a long international flight

Check your passport

It might sound obvious but check the expiration date of your passport and if you are not sure when you want to come back, be sure that it will last for an adequate time.


Buy an insurance

You never know what can happen. It is better to be ready. One of the most common issues that can happen is a delayed luggage. Sometimes it can be even lost. Check if you insurance cover it. 

I have lost my luggage when I was travelling from Czech to Singapore with a stopover at Sri Lanka! I arrived in Singapore and my luggage was just nowhere!I was really upset. Luckily, I has an insurance for lost or delayed luggage. Therefore, I went to the office to fill all the papers and wait if they find it. That time they had no information and they send me to my hotel to wait for their call. 

Finally, my luggage was found! They send it to my hotel a day later and I also got some money back for the delay. 🙂 


Be sure you have a visa

Check if you need a visa in an official government website and what type do you need for the selected country. Everyone has different citizenship and different rules. Check what applies for you.


Select a good seat  

Some people prefer a window seat to see outside, others prefer aisle seat to move whenever they want. The seat can influence your comfort. 

For me, the worst nightmare is to sit in the middle for a  10 hours flight as I feel stuck. It can be also awkward to bother the person who sits next to you when you need to go to the bathroom (especially when they are sleeping).


Plan your budget

Make an estimate plan of how much are you willing to spend or what can you afford. It will make you less worried on your vacation. Also, you will not be shocked when you come back!


Book your hotel in advance

You might be an adventurer who thinks that is better to just go with the flow.  However, if you like having a comfort and a nice place, then book it in advance. 

It will save you money, time and you will avoid the risk that the place you like is already fully booked. This is important when you travel very far. Always book at least the first night of your stay to avoid this stress.


Write down a list what to pack

Have everything ready in the evening before you go. Tick all the stuff you already packed and don’t confused it if you need take some stuff out and put it back. 


Have a last-minute list

You might need some stuff just before you go. For example, you might need a toothpaste in the morning, or take your watches etc.  These items can be easily forgotten. Therefore, check  your last minute list if you took what you needed. 


Check the weight of your luggage

If you want to avoid a surcharge for excess kilos, check both – your main luggage and carry on. Some airlines can be strict and can charge you for every single excess kilo. Especially, those budget airlines. 


Have some spare space in your luggage

You might travel somewhere where can you buy some awesome local stuff or cheap clothes. Some items can be larger. Therefore, make a space in your luggage for additional items – not only extra kilos but also a space for larger items.


Prepare a quick meal before you go

Airport can be overpriced and you might not find what you like. It is better to have a snack or a small meal with you. That way you can feel comfy and not stressing out. Get inspired with my recipes.


Check in online

It will save you so much time! It is not necessary to print your flight ticket. You can take a screenshot of your online check in or save it in some app in case you have a problem with the internet and they will not be able to find your confirmation. 


Have enough time to get to the airport

Do not miss the plane! For an international flight is recommended to be there around 3 hours before in order to have a smooth check-in. It is better to wait a bit than be late and waste your money for a new flight ticket!

Download offline maps

It is aways handy to have an offline map in case you don’t have internet access. So handy. Especially, in some countries you might have trouble to buy internet data or find a wifi.  


Check the transport from the airport

Before you arrive to your final destination, plan how to get to your hotel. Consider if to take a taxi, Uber, book a shuttle bus or search for a public transport. 

Nothing is worse than be stuck and stressed at the airport!


Have your cash ready

Exchange money before you go. You might need cash on the plane, for a taxi, public transport , tipping etc. Always have some cash. However, don’t have huge amount in one place.


Protect your luggage

Buy a textile case for your luggage to not scratch it. It will also save you time and money. You can wrap it at the airport in special kiosk but it can be overpriced. If you care about your luggage and don’t want to always pay extra for wrapping, it is very handy.

Travel essentials

  • passport
  • cash
  • credit/debit card
  • keys
  • ticket + itinerary
  • mobile phone
  • camera
  • watches

Handy carry on items

For backpack or carry on luggage

  • scale
  • jacket
  • chewing gums
  • camera
  • mobile phone
  • a book and a pen
  •  powerbank to charge your phone
  • tooth brush
  • pillow
  • eye mask

For your handbag

  • wet tissues
  • any pills what you need to take
  • ipod + headphones (music)
  • sunglasses
  • small parfume to keep fresh
  • other cosmetic needs (make up, powder, mascara..)

Tip – use a locker with tsa for a long flight

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