How to travel cheap?

Most of us loves travelling. We wish to travel more! Unfortunately, we are not all that “lucky” to travel every year or several times per year. 

Let me ask you a question. 

Do you really need a lot of extra money in order to be able to travel?

Do you think thaat there is a trick how to save money and travel more?   

What can you do in order to save money while are you travelling? 

Apart from working more and taking extra hours, or working as a volunteer abroad, there are other ways how can you cut off expenses and travel cheaper. 

My question for today is how can you actually save money on your vacation? 

10 Tips how to save money when travelling

1) Don’t go to a vacation in high season when everything is overpriced. 

I know that most of us has time off during Easter, Christmas or any other public holidays but do you really want to pay more and also be in overcrowded place?

2) Plan your budget 

It might sound obvious but really – think about your budget and plan how much to spend on each activity. 

What is your must when you travel? What are you willing to sacrifice? It will make your travel less stressful and you can enjoy more without counting every spent dollar.  

3) Search for deals

I am getting offers for selected places, flights, tours so if you contact me where are you planning to travel, I might find a deal for you. 😉 

You can also check my coupons at the end of the article. 

4) Save money on flight tickets

Flight tickets can be always an issue why you cannot visit your dream destination. Some places has an expensive flight tickets and cheaper accommodation, other can have the opposite. I watch the deals all the time so I have a great source for special flight tickets. 

My offers are usually return tickets from Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide) to anywhere. If you live somewhere else  I can still find some deal as well and I am happy to help you. 

You can also subscribe to my blog and get updated about flight deals sometimes (and don’t worry I will not spam you).

5) Try couchsurfing 

You might have heard about it already but if not, it is a type of accommodation when can you stay in someone’s house for free, usually for few days. 

Some hosts can let you stay for little bit longer time. 

When choosing a host, always check the reviews and references to avoid being disappointed and stay safe. 

Some countries can be a bit dangerous so you need to trust your instinct or rather choose a standard accommodation if it looks suspicious. 

You can register here

Couchsurfing is not for everyone, you need to like sharing your space and talking to strangers. They might expect you will spend some time with them.

People who do coachsurfing are usually curious about other people’s cultures and getting to know new people, so consider if it is for you. Maybe you just want to not be bothered by anyone. 🙂

6) Instead of a hotel, choose backpacker hostel 

If you really want to save and don’t mind sharing your room with a few people and maybe meet some cool new people, choose a backpacker hostel. 

It will reduce your expenses a lot. If your travel goal is more about exploring the location and being out all the time and not just chilling around hotel, then backpacker hostel is great. 

You might also consider splitting your vacation between cheap accommodation and then enjoy a few days in a better place. 

Don’t go opposite way as once you get use to a very comfy place, then it might be a shock to spend the second part of your stay with sharing accommodation with others. 🙂

7) Always check your luggage weight before you fly

When you travel and have excessive kilos, you can pay a lot of extra for each kilo, either for check in or carry on

So be sure that you have also some spare kilos to avoid this stress or buy the excessive weight in advance. 

Check the airline allowance as it might differ and also for domestic and international flights can be different allowance. 

8) Eat smart 

You can still enjoy a nice food and save money. The trick is to know where to eat and when. If you are in the city, search for combo deals, happy hours or cook your own food. 

You can also buy nutritional snacks for your hiking tour and don’t need to spend money in expensive restaurants or overpriced takeaways. 

Other option is to buy a cheaper food in advance in a kiosk. In a cheap countries such as Thailand or Bali is usually very easy to eat as the prices are low. 

Saving money on food doesn’t necessary mean to eat just bread or very cheap pizza.

Get inspired with my healthy recipes 

9) Save money on a transport 

Transport can be an issue, especially in countries such as Japan or any large cities in the world. To travel around use a public transport and search for week unlimited tickets to travel for better price and be able to see more. 

Don’t pay for overpriced tours that are sold locally (better to book in advance) or extra transport. 

If you like more comfort you can use Uber or Lyft instead of taxi, for example in Los Angeles, you can share a ride with someone else by clicking on it in the app for Uber so you save. 

Another option if you travel with a bunch of friends then hire a car. 

10) Be aware of excessive surcharges for withdrawing from ATM or bad currency rate 

If you are in a rush and need to exchange the money immediately, you are losing money for nothing. Be smart!

Most of the airport has very bad currency rate so it is better to search exchange service in advance. 

If you are from Australia, I can recommend Travel money OZ in Brisbane, but they are also in another cities in Australia.

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4 thoughts on “How to travel cheap”

  1. As a mommy of 8 I have found budgeting and planning for a vacation to be overwhelming. As I am sure you can imagine. These tips are so helpful. I can see myself implementing these to plan a realistic and affordable fun time for my family or just me and the hunny. Thanks for sharing. Have you booked with air bnb ? I have been wanting to try them but haven’t yet. Interested in your experience with them specifically.

    1. Oh wow, 8 kids, it must be challenging! Yes, I have tried Airbnb several times, I like it! You can choose your own style with that, sometimes it is about living with other guests in the same apartment or you can stay in a place where is just the owner or if you go in a group you can have the whole apartment. Great way to meet locals and feel more like a home. If you go for the first time, definitely use the voucher above to get 50$ off. 😉

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