Recipe for 2 people


300-400g of diced kangaroo
coriander leaves
pack of mushrooms
2 zucchini
soy sauce
olive oil


Marinate diced kangaroo with olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano and rosemary, a few leaves of coriander
and some mushroom, then leave it for a couple of hours in a fridge.


After a few hours, heat an oil in a frying pan and add the prepared mix. Cook it for 10minutes. Meanwhile, cut zucchini and mushroom, add salt, pepper, herbs.  Then add zucchini to the pan, cook it for a couple of minutes and finally add the rest of the mushrooms and cook it for next 3minutes.
You can mix it with a rice directly in the pan or serve it separately. At the very end put a little bit of soy sauce to
enhance the flavour, coriander leaves and mix it all together and left some coriander leaves for a decoration.


Tip! This meal has a mild flavour, just the kangaroo has the strongest flavour. If you feel like you need to add some more flavours, add smoked BBQ sauce that matches nicely or a couple of spoons of a plain yoghurt.


3 thoughts on “Kangaroo with rice, veggies and mushrooms

  1. Im wondering, what does the kangaroo’s meat taste like? can you compare it to something else? The recipe sounds wonderful!

  2. Thanks.:-) Kangaroo meat reminds a beef in a certain way but it has an exotic taste. It reminds me also wild animals like deer. Usually, it is tough and has a specific smell. I like it though as I enjoy an exotic food. 🙂

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