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Be Like Home Alone in New York

What are the famous movie places and how to get there? 

Start from The Plaza Hotel and then continue to Central Park. The park is massive though so don’t get lost!

Another way is to start your walk from the Columbus Circle and continue from the South West part to the East to reach the Plaza Hotel. On your way you will notice people selling Horse Carriage Ride. They are everywhere! 

The Plaza Hotel

Before you enter the park, visit the Plaza Hotel where was filmed the Home Alone 2. 

The main entrance is from the part closer to the park. You can either have a fancy lunch in the restaurant inside or if you continue through the hall. There is a fancy Food Court downstairs. 

It is pricey but why not to have a frothy cappuccino and a nice cheesecake, a donut or a muffin?

It looks so tempting and taste delicious too!

Banana Nutella Muffin

 If you are not a fan of sweets, try an Italian food or sushi. 

One box of 6 pieces of sushi cost around 15$. Boom! The taste is delicious though.

Central Park

After visiting the Plaza Hotel continue to Central Park and take picture of the bridge from the movie! 

When it is snowing it is more authentic but also freezing! During winter time, there is an ice rink.


Don’t forget to visit Strawberry Field with the sign of Imagine in this park. You will also listen to the Imagine song from a musician playing on guitar nearby.

Walking through the park is lovely, you will notice few others musicians on your way and listen magnificent violin. I just love the connection with nature and classical music. 

If you visit the park during winter when the weather is freezing, be ready to have very warm clothes to survive. During spring or summer you might hire a city bike.

The park is really huge so don’t try to see all of it. It is better to check some other places as well.


Thermal clothes

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