Limiting beliefs and how to change them

Limiting beliefs are our thoughts that we have created in our mind. They can come from any period of our lives, and we might carry them to the present moment. 

They affect the way how we think this moment. These thoughts might limit us from being who we want to be, they block us from being authentic or connecting with others. Limiting beliefs also create thoughts that we cannot achieve what we want.

They come from our bad experience which might be just a one sentence that someone else said to us, and we internalised it, trauma we experienced, rejection or some very embarrassing situation. Consequently, we have created a deep connection to it and persuaded ourselves that it is a reality. 

Is it the reality? Is it true?

You might think that you are not good enough or not smart enough, that you are ugly or weird based on some situation from your past.  

However, does it really help you to make any progress? If you keep repeating yourself these statements over and over again, you will create a belief that “this is how it is” and you will act that way as it was true. 

Do you want to get rid of this toxic thoughts? Do you want to know how to change your subconscious beliefs? Then keep reading.

Imagine a situation when you will twist your negative thoughts into positive. Imagine that instead of keep repeating yourself how bad you are or how stupid you are, you will focus on what do you love on yourself. 

What are you good at? What are you great at? Don’t think that it is selfish! Appreciate it. Is it that simple? Well, you might think that it is silly or that it is just lying to yourself but trust me, it works!

If you never try it, you will never know it.

So let’s try an exercise. Are you ready? For this exercise you need to find a place where can you feel comfortable, make yourself as much comfortable as you can. For some it can be your home or specific part of your home such as balcony, your favourite corner or anything else, in a park, on the beach -wherever you feel nice. 

For enhancing your thoughts to flow turn on a calming music, drum sounds or sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl. You might smell some scents if you want or light up candles and let your mind flow positively. 


Now your mind is ready to absorb more deeply. Imagine yourself what you are proud of, what you are great at and be with that feeling for a while. Then write it down and read it at loud. For some it can be easier to get into great state of mind and think positively, others might struggle but don’t worry if you do it regularly, it will come. Really. 😉 Maybe your mind is just not ready to absorb that much positive energy yet. 😉

Sometimes we just need to clean ourselves from the layers of negative thoughts that we have created in the past and slowly peel it until we reach the deep layer where do we connect with our true ourselves. 

Do it daily and you will see the changes.

 There are also other techniques how to remove our limited beliefs, if you keep following me, I am planning to write more about fear and going out of your comfort zone in order to achieve your true desire. I found these techniques powerful.

And …. if you feel like you are too busy to try this technique, you might make it easier by listening these podcasts that will help you to get into positive state of mind quicker.

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