What to visit in London when you have just a few days to explore?

London is full of touristic attraction. It  can be hard to decide where to start and what are you able to see if you visit it only for a short time.  

If it is your first time in London, let’s see what to not miss out. 

Tip – For a public transport I recommend you to buy an Oyster card. It will make your life easier because you usually cannot pay with a cash in a bus. 

With an Oyster card you just tap and go and you can also use it for a subway. 

I personally enjoyed the rides in a Double Decker.:-) It is a cool bus.:-) 

Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace

The ceremony starts at 10.45 am and it runs almost every day in summer and other months every second day – check the schedule here.

Come at least 30 minutes earlier as it gets very crowded and you will need to squeeze yourself and push through the crowd to see anything.

Be ready that everyone is excited to see it so it can be challenging to find the right spot especially when you are a passionate photographer as me. 🙂  

Check these red dressed guys and stay there for the whole process to see them walking out of the gate through the park. That way you will be able to see them very close.

Piccadilly Circus

A theater district surrounded by cafes with delicious croissants located near famous Trafalgar square.

This location offers lovely walk surrounded by red telephone boxes that creates the beauty of London. I think if they remove them it will lose the traditional  charm.

If you like art, visit the National gallery near Trafalgar Square, which is nearby and the entrance is free.

Big Ben + The House of Parliament

Big Ben is the icon of London but did you know that now is under construction until 2020? Pretty long!

However, why not to still check the surrounding? Head to the House of the Parliament and then walk across the Westminster Bridge.

If you walk there on sunset, you can notice the Tower Bridge with incredible purple colour behind. It is really worth to plan your time to see it. Incredibly magical!

Walk on the Tower Bridge, check the Tower of London

The Tower Bridge which lies on Thames River, is spectacular with its architecture and create another icon of London. You can chill out on the grass or explore restaurants and cafes along the river. 

Little Venice

I would say that Little Venice can be sometimes forgotten as not many people talk about it when it comes to London but it is a lovely place to visit.

The Little Venice a place surrounded by boat houses with a peaceful atmosphere. It reminded me Amsterdam canals.

You can walk there from Regent park which is a small park for recharging your energy as well. Be ready that the walk from the Regent park to Little Venice takes around 30 min and can be tricky with the buses there.

Platform 9¾ at Kings Cross station

Despite the fact, I am not an obsessive fan of Harry Potter I just felt like I want to see this place.

The platform is not a “real” platform. 😀 You have to walk in the area with Cafes and shops and until you see the Harry Potter shop.  It is located right next to it.

There was quite a big queue when I was there as there were professional photographers with some equipment to make the photo more authentic. For example, you can borrow their scarf, use a fan to let your hair fly.  

St. Paul Cathedral

Notting Hill

Unfortunately, I have missed this part but when I visit London for the next time, I will definitely take some stunning photos there. You can see a photo from fellow photographers – lovely colourful buildings.

Photo from spotahome.com

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