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Meriton Suites Sydney

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Meriton Suites is one of my most favourite hotels to stay in Australia. It is operated in 18 locations across Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast. It offers luxury, comfort and spacious rooms. I personally like the privacy of the rooms and stunning view.  Particularly, Hotel Meriton Suites Chatswood was very comfortable and with a wonderful view. The hotel room was sounds proof, so I felt very comfortable in order to have my own privacy and space without distraction. 


mention hotel australia


swimming pool at Meriton

Hotel offers spa, swimming pool and a gym with sauna. It is very pleasant to relax and keep fit in any season of the year while staying in Meriton Suites. Whether are you on a business trip, a vacation, or for any other reason, it feels nice to have a break and enjoy the hotel pool and jacuzzi. 



Studio room of the Meriton Suites is equipped with kitchen where can you make a delicious coffee every day. You can enjoy a large fridge and cooking whilst feel like a home. The kitchen has dishwasher as well. Hotel apartments also offer a washing machine and dryer which makes your life easier. I always enjoy studio where can I have my own kitchen and internal laundry included.



view from meriton hotel

Meriton Suites has 18 locations across all Australia including Sydney. Click below if you want to get a deal for a Meriton in Chatswood for a weekend price. Chatswood is easy accessible to the train station which go straight to the city centre. It takes around 24 min to get to Wynyard station which is a station in a business district in Sydney and not far from Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour and Hyde Park. 

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Have you decided to try this hotel? Book here to get the deal. I recommend a City Suite but choice is yours.

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