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Nara – What to Visit

Nara is a magnificent small town surrounded by deers walking around! The most significant temple in this location is Tōdai-ji with one of the largest bronze statues of Buddha in the world.

You will be able to explore all its beauty in one day. The city is very small. You can take a trip from Kyoto and stay there overnight. 

Be ready to have some cash (no credit cards). You can’t pay by card on markets so that if you want to buy any food or souvenirs, be sure that you have enough cash.

Nara Park

One of the approaches to get to the park is from Kintetsu Nara station which is just 5 minutes walk. As you enter the park, you will see Kofukuji temple with a five-story pagoda next to it.

Then continue walking to see Nara National Museum and then reach the Tōdai-ji temple.

The park is large and full of deers. Although they look cute, be careful as they can start eating your clothes, souvenirs or even attack you! 


Tōdai-ji Temple

The Daibutsuden (Great Buddha Hall) is the largest wooden structure in the world and houses the world largest Daibutsu (Buddha statue).

A wonderful Buddhist complex of temples. While walking towards the temple, you will notice many shops with souvenirs and food. Deers will watch you on your steps and if they are nice to you, buy them some deer snack. 

Due to the popularity of Todai-ji temple, you might see many tour groups waiting in front of the temple. Try to find out the time when is no tour in front of you to fully enjoy this impressive temple and the tranquil Buddhist energy inside.

I stopped there for a while to absorb the feeling of Buddhism. Just watching the enormous statue of the Great Buddha (Daibutsu) will make me feel so peaceful. It will connect you to your soul.

After you go out of the Daibutsu hall you will notice a statue of Binzuru (Pindura). Japanese believe that this lady has an occult power and when you touch a part of the statue corresponding to your ailment, it will be healed.

As you continue walking, check souvenirs – I bought a beautiful Japanese fan and bell.

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