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Top Places to Visit in Oahu

Waimanalo Beach

Absolutely wonderful and stunning beach! When I first arrived at this place it was completely WOW! My journey began with catching a bus which went through nature. 

Just the view from the bus was amazing – I saw the beautiful Hawaiian mountains and palms which made me feel like being in heaven. Finally, I arrived and walked to the ocean.I saw a crystal blue color of the ocean with a beautiful pure sand. I never forget my sudden feeling of pure loving energy that surrounded me.

This place is just breathtaking and peaceful. I was listening to the sound of the ocean and saw locals meditate on the beach. Then I jumped into the ocean and just enjoyed a magical feel.

You can enjoy a half day on this beach and then continue to Lanikai beach which is 1 hour by bus or 20 minutes drive and then head back to Honolulu (1 hour by public transport or around 30 minutes drive). 

I could spend a whole day until sunset there. This beach is the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life!

Lanikai Beach

Lanikai beach is more touristic than Waimanalo. However, it is not that super crowded as Waikiki. You can do some fun stuff here such as Kitesurfing or snorkelling. The color of the water is also clearly blue and amazing!

 There are some takeaway shops around if you get hungry. However, I always pack some small snacks to not starve and avoid having food that I don’t want.
 This ice tea was delicious! It had a ginseng to keep me energy go. 


I think Lanikai beach is perfect for couples or a families but also solo travellers. There are some beautiful resorts nearby.  When I saw them I was thinking “Damn, I should have stayed here.” If you like hiking you can do a Pillbox Hike which is quite popular and not far from the beach.

Let’s say you can wake up early, do the hike and then go to the beach and refresh yourself. I would recommend you to enjoy this location for a whole day if you feel like just chilling and relaxing. Another option is to go to Waimanalo beach first and then try some water sports in Lanikai beach. 

These two beaches are the best that I have seen on the island!

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki beach is the most famous beach in Hawaii which is located in the heart of Honolulu. It is perfect for those who love shopping and a rich nightlife. Although Waikiki beach is beautiful, it gets overcrowded and feels very touristic. 

There are several areas to swim – The beach between Sheraton and Hilton hotel has some rocks in the ocean, so you should consider taking shoes for swimming. If you choose to surf there, you can hit some rocks with your feet. However, the waves there are calm in contrast with North Shore it is easy to surf. I tried my surfing there for the first time ever in my life.

Another beach nearby is Ala Moana Beach. It is less crowded. It is also a stunning spot for a sunset where can you see the sun slowly sink into the ocean!

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is a very popular place for an amazing snorkelling experience! You can borrow snorkel gears directly there. However, I would say that to have your own is always better as the beach is crowded. Therefore you might not find the right size for you.

There are lockers for your belongings which is convenient. Arrive there in the morning and enjoy the full day. Another option is to spend a morning till afternoon there and then go for a hike if you are a really active person.

You can head to Koko Head or explore other places around and enjoy the sunset. You can get the by taking a bus number 22 from Waikiki directly to Hanauma Bay or just rent a car.

Ala Moana Shopping Centre

The biggest and most popular shopping centre of the island located in Honolulu. It has more than 290 stores!  

Open daily until 9 pm except for Sunday (until 7 pm).

Pearl Harbour

I personally haven’t visited but it is the most famous historical place on the island. I would say if you have a time, check it out.

North Shore

Explore the Northern part of the island and don’t forget on Turtle beach to see green sea turtles on the sand! They are so big. Get there by bus or take a tour.

Dole Plantation

The largest maze in the world with a pineapple plantation. 

Did you know how pineapples grow? See on the picture! In this place you can try a local pineapple ice-cream with a full taste of pineapples. 

Open daily 9:30-5:30 pm.

Kualoa Ranch

This is one of the places where were filmed the Jurassic Park. It has an absolutely spectacular view! I love this valley and mountains. 

There are also some fun activities to do such as zip line or a jeep tour.

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