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How to Pack for a Cold Weather Vacation

As a person who grew up in a quite cold country – the Czech Republic, I know how the real winter looks like. 🙂 The coldest weather I have ever experienced was maybe around -15 Celsius. In this article I would like to help you how to pack when you travel for example to Europe or USA during winter time and want to be ready. 

If you travel from a very hot weather, it can be hard to imagine yourself wearing a warm jacket and a woolen hat but once you get off the plane and feel the freezing wind, then you will quickly change your mind. 🙂

There are few tips to follow when you want to avoid catching a cold and shaking from the freezing cold weather. 

First of all we are all different. Whilst one person can handle winter better and doesn’t need to wear the warmest clothes, the other person can be very sensitive of even as light wind. So get to know yourself what type of person you are and if you are the sensitive person, pay more attention for the preparation! I definitely prefer a warm nice weather and want to be always ready when is cold. 

tips to stay warm

1) Protect your neck, waist and feet – Always think how to protect the most sensitive parts of your body such as neck, waist, feet or head by using the base layer to cover these body parts. You don’t always need to wear a hat when is for example around 10 Celsius, but if it is bellow zero then rather protect your head.

2) Have more layers – This is the basic rule to know. When you travel to a cold country, always have some clothes that you can put under your jumper such as long sleeve top or under jeans – leggings and warm socks. If you plan to stay outdoor for a sport activity such as skiing or hiking, use thermal clothes – underwear, pants, t-shirt, you can buy literally anything thermal, depends on your budget. I would recommend at least one thermal long sleeve T-shirt and basic pants. Then have more layers what you will be able to take off if you feel hot. For example, if you are in some European country and walking in the city and then visiting a shopping mall or restaurant, it is not always super heated, so with a plain T-shirt you might feel cold and in a very hot woolen jumper you will sweat. Also, if you are staying in a hostel or cottage, you might feel cold at night, especially your feet needs to be warm, so prepare your layers. 🙂

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3) Pack a jumper with a zip or buttons – From my experience, I like to have a jumper which can I easily take off or just open when I enter indoor as if there is still not completely warm, I can cover my arms to not feel cold.

4) Wear a warm jacket – it is essential to have a warm jacket that protects you from freezing weather rather than having two jumpers and tinny jacket. Even if you don’t have many layers and you have a long, warm jacket, you will feel comfortable. Although it is not always handy as it occupies a lot of space and if you travel from 30 Celsius, you just cannot wear it but for a strong and cold wind the warm jacket is the best you can have. Don’t like feeling like a big bulky snowman with a thick jacket? You can always buy a thermo jacket that is made from a thin material and keeps you completely warm. 😉 And remember that not always a long jackets keep you warm. When you buy a cheap synthetic jacket which is not a windproof, the cold freezing feeling will get you.

5) Don’t forget a scarf, hat and gloves. For me, the scarf is the most important item for every cold trip! Whenever I travel somewhere where might be a bit colder I just need to have a scarf. It keeps my neck nice and warm and I can avoid a sore throat from the cold wind. Hat and gloves are definitely necessary for a freezing weather and winter sports. If you plan just a city walk when is not too cold, you can survive without hat and gloves but it is always handy to pack it in case you want to have your fashion complement ready rather than hassle to buy some in your destination and feel cold.

6) Wear a warm boots – Depends if you travel and expect around 15 Celsius or bellow zero. For mild weather, you make do with standart boots, however, if you expect that it might freeze and you plan to walk in nature or even a very a long walk in the city, be ready to have some higher and warmer boots with warm thermo socks or just a thick socks. I remember the feeling of frozen feet back in Czech winter when I was wearing wrong shoes. If you buy cheap shoes from synthetic material, they will not protect you against cold weather. It is better to invest in a higher quality shoes. Buy some that can you use for city and nature if it is your plan of your travel. For winter sport activities, invest in a good quality of hiking shoes. They will last for years.

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Tips when buying a warm clothes

When buying new winter clothes, think about the most important one you want to invest more money in order to feel comfy and then save money on other clothes that doesn’t need to be in super quality. If you live in a hot country, you might feel that you will not use it afterwards, but if you buy for example a good quality jacket and boots, they will last for many years and your size for it will probably not change much. You can also always sell it later if you really don’t need it anymore. 

The cheapest way to buy clothes is to online or search for specials and outlets. However, not everyone has plenty of time to go shopping before your holiday and search for sales. You can also buy it in your final destination but if you have nothing that keeps you warm, then you definitely need at least a warm jacket and shoes.

To sum up, travel to a cold country, you can still look stylish and not like a big bulky snowman because of so many clothes. 😀 The winter fashion can be very elegant, if you know how to combine the fashion complements. For ladies –  you might even wear a skirt but with a very warm stockings and long stylish jacket with a high shoes. Also, a scarf can be an sophisticated decoration for your outfit. 😉

Winter Essentials:

Long leggins

Long and warm socks

Long sleeve t-shirt ,top (thermal)

Woolen jumper

Warm jacket

Pair of boots

Sport shoes (if you planning to visit gym 😀 )


Warm hat


Blanket (very handy to have when you are at you accommodation and feel cold and don’t have anyone to hug :-), just wrap up with a nice warm blanket)

And finally, because winter clothes can be bulky and if you don’t want to all wear it on yourself (when you travel from a tropical destination) use compression bags to reduce the size. 😉


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