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What is Your PASSION?

How to find your passion?

Have you ever asked yourself what is your passion? What drives you in life? I describe a passion as an amazing feeling when your eyes are just shining, you feel excited, like a kid, you can spend hours by doing a certain thing and forget any worries in that time. It is an unstoppable drive when you feel energy and purpose of doing it.


How does it work?

We often can get distracted by the outside world, which changes our focus on doing what we “have to” instead of what we truly and deeply wish to do. 

Wouldn’t be amazing to do what you love, get paid for it and be surrounded by people who we love? Do you think that it is just a dream? I don’t think so! We can say YES to our life and LIVE OUR DREAM!

Imagination doesn’t have any boundaries! To get there, it might require a lot of discipline and hard work but it is possible! Believe and you can have it! The secret is to truly connect to your inner voice because if you are truly passionate about anything, people will see it. Of course, you need to have a plan how can you succeed by following your passion to make it like a lifelong purpose and not just only float on the cloud and say “I wish I could do it.”. 

Without action, you might end up just dreaming. It is still nice to dream, it gives you hope, but to live your dream is something truly wonderful! I will tell you a secret –  you have a choice.

Ask yourself

  • Find out what are your core values. What he most important for you?
  • What do you love to do and find it easy to learn or you love to learn about it?
  • When do you feel deep happiness and purpose that gives your life a meaning?
  • When your heart starts beating fast, your eyes have a sparkle and you feel like “yes, this is it!!”?


How to connect your passion with your everyday life?

If you really love something and feel great about it, then just follow your inner voice and DO IT! Don’t complain that you “don’t have time”.  You can always make time for what You want!

It’s possible to live your dream, spend time with people who you love and also earn money at the same time. It is not easy to figure out how but once you do it, your life will change. You can turn your passion into your job or contribution to society.


Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. We don’t just live to make a living and then “live our life”.  If yes, then we tend to escape from everyday life into drinking too much alcohol, smoking, overeating or watching TV to fill the gap from the pain of work that we don’t like or that we don’t fully enjoy.

If it is just a short escaping to recover or socialise, then it is OK. I also didn’t say that watching TV is always bad as sometimes we want to learn, get inspired or just switch off for a while and relax or laugh with our family or friends. The problem begins when we actually sit in front of the TV every day to “kill” our time or when it becomes an obsession and addiction with spending more time in front of our TV rather than be active or socialise.

Another potential danger is when we feel that we have to drink alcohol in order to feel better or when we overeat because it makes us feel nicer and consequently it becomes an addiction.

It is possible to live your passion! You might say “It is not easy, I have to do this and that, I must go to this job because it is secure, this is life.” Stop it!

If you keep repeating to yourself these limiting beliefs and be surrounded by a circle of people who will just feed it, then you will probably never find a time to entirely follow your passion. Consequently, you might end up complaining about life and spread it to other people like a virus! You might also stop reading this article as you can think that is just a “fairy tale”. 

You have an option to just click somewhere else and stop reading it and continue with the life that doesn’t fully satisfy you and doesn’t bring you happiness…

Or ……….. THINK ABOUT IT, and be OPEN-MINDED and then…..

You might find a new pattern how to change your life to be happy and passionate. Then you don’t have to do what you “have to” but you will enjoy most of the things you do. 

I am not trying to convince you that you should follow me or that I know everything. My message to you is to open your mind to see other possibilities. You can experience the feeling of true deep happiness which is absolutely wonderful! It is not only just to satisfy a current mood or have fun. 

This is a much deeper feeling. 

The connection of love, gratefulness, and happiness is the most magnificent feeling you can ever have and what creates a purpose in your life! It is a feeling of ecstasy that you can naturally create in your body, it is a feeling of total bliss.

Photo by Noah Silliman


Let’s unlock all your boundaries that were holding you back from following your passion, get rid off people who stopped you or your own beliefs that didn’t allow you to be who you truly are!

We are living on this planet for a relatively short time so I believe we all deserve to enjoy our life and not just spend most of the time doing a task that we just don’t like or feel like we have to do. 

The happiness comes from our passion. Find your own style that you really enjoy in life. Then think about who you need to become in order to live your dream life!  Observe yourself how you feel in different situations, what makes you feel excited, what is connected with your personality, what is something that can make a difference in other people’s lives. 

That was my message and if you agree with me, please share it with the world.

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