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Public Transport in New York

Are you traveling to New York and wondering how to get around?  

Let me introduce a subway system in New York.

Once you get out of the airport catch the AirTrain which doesn’t cost you anything to get on but then you need to pay $5 after you get off. 

There will be people staying and trying to sell you a “special price” ticket with extra ride by subway. However, it costs approximately same as buying it from the machine. 

For subway, you have to buy a ticket for $1 and then top it up when you travel.


MetroCard – MTA is basically all you need to travel by public transport. 

Metro card can be used for a single ride which cost $2.75 no matter if you go one station or from Times Square to  South Ferry which takes around 30 minutes. 

You will be charged whenever you go out of the subway station and leave the space.


Metro Pass

Another option is to buy an unlimited Metro Pass. It costs $33 for one week. 

If you plan to travel around 3x per day, it is definitely worthwhile. 

Imagine that you might want to see one place in the morning, then can head another location, go back home and then go out in the evening. You might also just travel around all day.

Unlimited Metro Pass allows you a freedom, less stress and you don’t need to worry about if to spend money for each ride or considering to walk instead. 

In winter time when it is freezing outside it is better to catch the subway. 

The card can be use for some buses which has the MTA sign as well.

Metro System

There are several lines for the metro with different colours. 

From yellow, red, blue, purple, green to orange. It can be very confusing to find the right line. 

Yellow line N, Q, R, W usually goes around the main areas in the city such as Times Square, Herald Square, Flatiron building or Washington square.

Red line goes from North (for example if you visit Harlem) to Downtown (South Ferry – for the Battery Park).

Green line goes through Grand Central and to Downtown and then continue to Brooklyn.  

I usually used google maps or took a screenshot as I often lost reception in the subway. You can also download another apps designed for NYC.


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