What is the secret of achivieng your goals?

Have you ever wonder why some people always achieve what they want? Is it because they are just lucky or they have more time? I don’t think so. 

How do we spend our time is our responsibility! 


Don’t make excuses that you don’t have time to do the action towards your goals and dreams. I am not talking about small goals right now, I am talking about huge goals, about life dreams – something that you feel deeply in your heart that you want to be, have or do.

A couple of years ago I have decided to intensively observe how successful people act, what they do, what is their secret. I have read a lot of books on this topic, attended a lot of seminars, listened to podcasts, asked people who I considered sucessfull and just observe them.

I was wondering “What do they do differently?” 

To very briefly summarize it I would use 3 words –DISCIPLINE, ACTION – Massive action! And PERSISTENCE!

What does this mean for you? Keep going! No matter what is going on in your life, what other challenges you might have, just BELIEVE and NEVER GIVE UP!

Ok, so how does it work? We start, set up our goals, feel the passion and go for it. Yeah! We feel the excitement, follow up our steps but then ……. Why most of us go back to their old patterns?

What is happening next is that after we achieve a certain amount of satisfaction – see the improvement, feeling nice, then we might STOP DOING ANYTHING!

We get comfortable, the progress slows down or stop, then the results just slowly meltdown and we end up where we started or with a small improvement.

Another case – we start but cannot see any results yet or the RESULTS ARE TOO SMALL that we just feel it doesn’t work. What can also happen is that someone else criticizes us, reject us, and we stop again.

The last case that I will mention is that we just never start because we OVERANALYSE, OVERTHINK and OVERWHELM ourselves and end up with dreaming “How would it be if I…” or saying “One day I would…” but we actually never start the action!


Which category do you fit in right now?

Let’s take a challenge! For 30 days, do every day at least a small step what will lead you towards your huge goal or a dream life. 

Think about something that have you always wanted to achieve, have or do in your life but you either haven’t started yet or just stopped in the process. 

It can be anything. Either if it is to find your dream job, financial freedom, find a life partner or to live the lifestyle you always wanted to live. Just take the ACTION!

Let’s start today. No other time is perfect, don’t wait. Life is going, time is flying. 


I’d like to invite you to a discussion. It is for everyone who wants to join this challenge and wants to share their actions, blockages or wins. 

By sharing it you can get a constructive feedback, help someone else or it will encourage you to keep going!

Just leave a comment!

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