This awesome recipe is simple and healthy and high in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids! If you feel like just having a light meal either for breakfast or dinner after your gym session, go for it! I always like to experiment with salad variation and this one is just so delicious so I need to share it. 


  • 50g salmon
  • half avocado
  • 2 poached eggs
  • few leafs of salad
  • a hint of soy sauce
  • spoon of flax seeds 
  • optional – pine nuts, some haloumi or feta cheese


The method is very easy. Create the poached eggs first. How? Boil the water and add about a spoon of white vinegar, then add the eggs and boil until is solid which takes around 3-4 minutes, depends how raw you want the eggs. 

Meanwhile, prepare a bowl and add some salad, pinion nuts and cut the avocado. Once the eggs are done, just put them on the top and sprinkle with flax seeds and pour a little bit of soy sauce. If you wish more flavour, add some haloumi or feta cheese. 


 Fact – Did you know that flaxseeds are high in Fiber and omega 3 fatty acids and also in antioxidants?

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