Dubai is a perfect place to visit when you travel a long distance and your flight is directed through Dubai. It offers a selection of stunning hotels, shopping centres and beautiful spots to take photos.

Did you know that in Dubai you can find the tallest building in the world?


1 AED = $0.36 AUD

10 AED = $3.6 AUD

Price for accommodation starts from $50 AUD for hostels with a shared room, cheaper hotels starts from around $120 AUD

How to spend 3 days in Dubai

The Dubai Mall

A massive shopping centre which offers many attractions.

The Dubai Mall is designed not only for shopping and dining but in this mall is also located the tallest skyscraper in the world – Burj Khalifa and next to the shopping centre is The Dubai Fountain.

Taste some camel milk cappuccino while are you there. 😉

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa from TripAdvisor A view from Burj Khalifa

This is the tallest building in the world. The entry is a bit pricey, however, I have visited it because of the feeling of being in the tallest building in the world. Haha, bucket list. 🙂

When you purchase the ticket, you can select a normal ticket or VIP which mean that you can skip the very looong queue and go straight upstairs.

When I was visiting Burj Khalifa, I didn’t tell them which ticket I want and I also didn’t pay much attention, so they automatically gave me a VIP ticket which I realized later. Oops 🙂

Finally, I was quite happy that I don’t need to wait in the massive queue and waste my time.

I arrived in the evening and I would say that sunset + evening is the best time to visit as in the evening you cannot see the Palm Jumeraih and because the building is so tall, the city looks small.:-)

One of the floors has a lounge where you get some sweet treatment and feel like in a classy bar. Actually, there is a classy bar.:-)

There are also a few spots where they take pictures of you which can you purchase for an incredibly high price.:D

It is kind of photo-collage so you can make your own at home.:D I can create a photo-collage for you if you like.:-) Anyway, to sum up – nice experience to try once in life if you have the money to spend on the ticket.

The Dubai Fountain

Located near the massive shopping centre – The Dubai Mall. Beautiful fountain followed by music.

The evenings’ shows go from 6-11pm every 30minutes. Check my short youtube video here.

Burj Al Arab

This hotel is the icon of Dubai! It was one of my goals to get around there while I was in Dubai. Definitely worthy to go nearby and take some beautiful pictures. 😉

Near the view is a small public beach where can you swim, otherwise, there are hotels which usually have their private beach which doesn’t have access to the public.

Do you know how much does it cost for the cheapest room in Burj Al Arab?

$2500 AUD and the most expensive room $11800 AUD!

Burj Al Arab interior by Hotelier Middle East

Palm Jumeirah

Take a trip to the Palm Jumeirah! This is a place that you can know from the famous photos with the palm tree shape which is visible from the sky.

The connection to the Palm monorail which will take you to the Palm Jumeirah is from Palm Jumeirah1 tram station from where is it a bit of walking.

The Palm monorail cost is 25 AED for a return ticket. The monorail goes straight to the famous Atlantis hotel area.

There is a nice coastal walk behind the hotel and shopping center. Some places are accessible just for hotel guests.

Palm Jumeirah from Hemisgalerie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
The Atlantis


The ocean suite (view to the ocean) cost around $500 AUD per night,

the underwater suite which is like being inside an aquarium cost $6500 AUD!

Looks stunning and it is on my bucket list!

Chill Ice lounge

If you have a time check this bar! Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it this time but I think that must be an awesome experience!

It is decorated with ice statues with the temperature around -5 Celsius whilst outside is over 40 Celsius!

Ice lounge, photo from internet

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  1. Dubai seems like an incredible city! It’s interesting that you had a happy mistake with your ticket for visiting Burj Khalifa. Don’t know when we will get to Dubai, so thanks for the view.

  2. I was in Dubai for work and only had time in the evenings and one day to see the sights. While I got to go up the Burj Khalifa, take some great shots of the Burj Al Arab, and spend time at the Mall, I’m so sad I missed the Chill Ice Lounge, how cool is that?!?!?

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