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How to Stay Fit When You Travel

When you travel, it might be stressful and it can affect your vitality and health. It can be hard to eat healthy and maintain your workout routine whilst travelling. 

It is tempting to try a some delicious sweets, have some cheeky drink and eat food that is not so healthy. However, you can still moderate it and not go into extremes. If you eat healthy, you just feel better and have more energy to enjoy your life. Also, you can keep fit with a morning run, stretch or short exercise session. If your hotel has a gym, use it. 

To be fit when you travel also mean to avoid any inconvenience with upset stomach, getting sick or even get poisoned by food. Sometimes it can happen in countries such as in Africa or Asia.  Some countries might require a vaccination to avoid some rare diseases. Even though I am not a big fan of it as I stand up for natural remedies and try to avoid chemicals, I realised that it might be risky to go for example to Africa without any vaccination. 

If you travel to Thailand or Bali, it is less risky but you can get a food poisoning. Then, it can really ruin your vacation. So that keep fit and then you don’t have to worry.

How to maintain health

Stretch regularly 

Start with stretching in the plane. If you have a very long flight, stretch every two hours to keep your blood flowing and to avoid back pain. Check my tips for a long flight in article – how to stay fresh after a 24 hours flight.


Always drink a fresh water 

If you are in a country when it is not recommended drinking a tap water, buy a bottle water. Stay hydrated. In case you are going to an adventurous trip you can purchase special water filters that you can use for cleaning your water. It might not be 100%, however, at least some protection.


Eat enough fruits and vegetable

Fruit and vegetable provides you antioxidants that keep you healthy. Have local fruits and veggies but be careful and use common sense. Some local fruit or vegetable can make you sick. Don’t forget to wash it well.


Eat nuts

If you want to avoid starving and don‘t want to lose weight eat nuts or seeds. It is perfect for a high-intense trip. It will provide you the right nutrition and energy. If you cannot find any place where do you want to eat, then you can survive the day on nuts. Enjoy exploring nature and eat a nice meal in the evening. 


Have enough protein to not lose muscles

If you regularly exercise and even if not, you need to eat enough protein to maintain your muscles. Protein source is not only in meat but lot of other stuff such as in tofu, cheese, nuts, mushrooms, beans etc.

You might think that eating bread and products full of carbohydrates keep you full. Yes that‘s true but if you want to keep in shape and don‘t want to come back with 10 kilos more and feel that all your fitness effort is just wasted, think about what do you eat.


Don’t always eat out

If you stay in an apartment where can you cook, use the stove. It is always healthier to prepare your own meal and it can save you money as well.  Check some of my inspirational recipes.


Be organised and have enough sleep 

Even though you might want to see everything and not waste any minute, think about your sleep. Plan your day efficiently and rest . That way you can wake up early and enjoy whole full day with exploring your destination.


Don‘t stress to much 

When you get lost, don‘t be upset and take it as a challenge to explore. That way you can find a new place that has been unexplored. You never know what you might explore by coincidence. Then you will be surprised how amazing this secret place was.

If you get stuck in a place that is really not pleasant or even dangerous, try to find a way how to get back. Always be mindful when you walk in a new environment.

I used to get lost in my mind, dreaming and forgetting about anything but I have learnt that it is not always safe.  When you are on the beach or in a safe place then you can just dream. If you walk in an empty street in a dark or even in a day time walk confidently and don‘t look anxious even if you are at that moment.:-)

Have fun 

Always find the positives of your trip.  Don’t get yourself stay in negative mood by being tired from exhausting walk, being stuck in overcrowded public transport or carrying a heavy backpack and being sweaty.

These situations can happen so take it easy and have fun. The key is to sometimes go with the flow and enjoy the present moment. Then the miracles will happen.

Tips for an emergency

Consider to get a vaccination

These day it may be Covid-19 vaccination but think about other vaccinations to third world countries – for example against hep A,B, Malaria or Tetanus.

Have a medication for emergency 

You might buy it directly in your destination but it can cost you a lot. If you have any specific health issues, it might not be always available in the destination. 

If you suffer from any chronic disease (it can be asthma, allergy, high blood pressure or anything else) and you know you might have problems with it, don’t forget to take all of your medication with you!

Also, consider useful meditation such as ibuprofen, spray for your throat (from my experience, if I use it when I have the very first signs of sore throat, it usually heal me fast. 

For any digestive problems, have charcoal tablets. It will help for a food poisoning or diarrhea.

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