Whenever I travel, my priority is to keep fit and think about if I have all the nutrition I need and if I am happy.:-) 

Of course, I love to explore the local food and not be too crazy about thinking if I ate enough protein or did my exercise routine. 

However, I still have in mind to stay fit and keep the habit of healthy eating.

It is tempting to try a some delicious sweets or anything you like but it is reasonable to think about your health as well. 

If you eat healthy, you just feel better and have more energy to enjoy your life. Also, you can keep fit with a morning run, stretch or short exercise session. 

If your hotel has a gym, try it and don’t be lazy. 🙂  

To be fit when you travel also mean to avoid any inconvenience with upset stomach, getting sick or even get poisoned by food or any other diseases that you can get from third world countries such as some African states. 

Some countries might require a vaccination to avoid some rare diseases. Even though I am not a big fan of it as I stand up for natural treatments and try to avoid chemicals, I realised that it might be risky to go to for example to Africa without any vaccination. 

If you travel to Thailand or Bali, it is less risky but you can get a food poisoning. It can really ruin your vacation. 

Be ready to read my tips how to stay healthy.


Stretch regularly 

Start with stretching in a plane. If you have a very long flight, stretch every two hours to keep your blood flowing and to avoid back pain and being tired when you arrive to your final destination (I wrote some tips about how to stay fresh after a 24 hours flight in my other post).

Always drink a fresh water whenever possible (if you are in a country when it is not recommended drinking a tap water, buy a bottled water and keep hydrated) or if you are going to an adventurous trip have some  special water filters ready for emergency.

Eat enough fruits and vegetable but be careful, as I mentioned before in some countries you can get sick from the food so always wash all the fruit and vegetable properly and check it.

If you want to avoid starving and don‘t want to lose weight eat nuts or seeds. Perfect for a high intensity trip. It will provide you the right nutrition and energy.

If you cannot find any place where do you want to eat, then you can survive the day on nuts.:-) Enjoy exploring nature and eat a nice meal in the evening. 

Think about a protein source – if you regularly exercise and even if not, you need to eat enough protein to maintain your muscles. If you are a vegetarian or are scared to eat meat in particular countries where they have the meat all day outside, you can still find plenty of high protein food sources such as nuts, chia seeds, broccoli or cottage cheese. 

You might think that eating bread and products full of carbohydrates keep you full and yes that‘s true but if you want to keep your shapes and don‘t want to come back with 10 kilos more or just out of your shape and feel that all your fitness effort is just wasted, think about what do you eat!

Keep some exercise activities during your holidays. If you stay in an apartman where can you cook, check some of my inspirational recipes.

Be organised and have enough sleep 

Even though you might want to see everything and not waste any minute, think about your sleep. Plan your day efficiently and rest as well to be able wake up early and enjoy whole full day with exploring all the beauties of your destination.

Don‘t stress to much 

When you get lost, don‘t be upset, take it as a challenge to explore maybe some another place what people don‘t know. 

You never know what you  might explore by coincidence and then be surprised how amazing this secret place was! 

If you really get stuck in a place that is really not pleasant or dangerous, just try to find a way how to get to the place you want and be alert, always be alert when you walk in a new environment! 

I used to get lost in my mind, dreaming and forgetting about anything but I have learnt that it is not always safe.  

When you are on the beach or in a safe place then you can afford to dream and let your mind wonder while if you walk in an empty street in a dark or even in a day time and you are not sure how the people around can react to you.

Always be aware, walk confidently and don‘t look anxious even if you are at that moment.:-)

Have fun 

Always find the positives of your trip, sometimes you can get tired from long walks or upset by not seeing what you wanted, being stuck in a full public transport where you cannot even sit, carrying heavy backpack and being sweaty or forgetting stuff what you wanted to take for your trip. 

These situations can happen so take it easy and have fun. The key is to just go with the flow sometimes and enjoy the present moment. That is the miracle of our living. 

Extra tips for emergency:

Consider getting a vaccination to third world countries – for example against hep A,B, Malaria or Tetanus.

Have a medication for emergency 

You might buy it directly in your destination but it can cost you a lot and it might not be always available so be ready to have anything for the emergency such as ibuprofen, spray for your throat (from my experience if I use it when I have the very first signs, I am usually fit very quickly), charcoal (if you have a strong diarrhea, helps very quickly) and then depends on your general health condition. 

If you suffer from any chronicle disease (it can be asthma, allergy, high blood pressure or anything else) and you know you might have problems with it, don’t forget to take all of your medication with you!

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