Long flight can be exhausting especially if you travel with a standard economy class.

The pain begins with a long queue at the airport, waiting for check in, spending time at the airport, security check and then waiting for boarding.

Finally, you will be sitting in a plane for next 8-10 hours, then again spending time at the airport and waiting for another flight.

Are you wondering what can you do differently to feel comfy after your long flight?

How to recover quicker? 

Do you want to spend the first day of arrival better than just sleeping all day? 

Well, let‘s keep reading and you might find some tricks to save your time and energy. 😉

Usual symptoms in your first day of your trip:

-feeling tired

-craving or upset stomach

-getting use to a new environment


Imagine yourself to just land at your final destination, feeling so tired but excited to start exploring the city or island and your stomach is upset or your energy is just gone and you feel like to just sleep. 

You might also travel with your partner or friends and whilst you feel kind of OK, others are tired so you cannot fully enjoy your first day.

Is it necessary to always just rest the first day or pushing yourself to overcome this feeling through the pain when the energy is gone? 

I am going to give you useful tips how can you prepare before you go. Maybe not everything can work exactly for everyone, just choose what will work for you. 😉

Actions before you go

If I start from the very beginning, the first action step is to choose your seat wisely!

Think about your needs – 

Do you need an aisle seat because you would like to be able walk regularly?

Do you want to watch the clouds outside or see the nature when you take off and land? 

Do you need extra space because you have long legs or are you just a strong (I didn’t want to say overweight)?

Do you like to put your seat down? Then choose a seat where no one will sit behind you.

Do you feel sick often during long flight? Choose a seat near the toilet.

Once you have your tickets, seat and the big flight day is here, prepare your body and mind the day before

Don‘t stress yourself! You might exercise a bit, maybe do some yoga, eat a proper food – light and fresh with lot of vitamins – can check some of my healthy recipes here.

Drink plenty of water and have a good quality sleep. Even if you are a really busy person, try at least 7 hours of sleep. 

If you don‘t have time to prepare anything extra healthy, you might think to take some supplements to increase your vitality

The effect of the supplements is not immediate though, so you should start eating them at least 2 weeks prior to your flight but I would recommend one month before. 

Finalize your packing the day before to not be stressed in the morning!

Check my guide on how to prepare for a long flight.

Check some health supplements here

What to do during the flight

All it is about your needs, explore yourself and do what you need. 

Don‘t be negative by saying „Oh that will be horrible flight, too many hours.“ 

Try to make it fun, be excited, prepare comfy pillow or U-shape pillow which is the most comfy for a flight, your favourite music or podcasts, or some games to play with your travel mate.

If you travel alone, prepare some fun stuff for yourself that will keep you busy when you don‘t feel like sleeping.

Drink plenty of water and think about what do you eat during the flight and remember that some food what the airlines serve it actually makes you more tired. 

It might sound funny to you but the reason why they usually serve buns ad sugar-loaded food or alcohol is to keep you sleepy to not make problems during the flight! 

Also, you might think that alcohol will help you to sleep well but actually it will just dehydrate you, disrupt your sleep and cause a bad quality of your sleep. 

Try to avoid caffeine to not have a headache. 

You can take your own food on the plane (there can be some restriction for travelling to certain countries but when I was travelling from Australia to Japan, I had my healthy snacks and it was ok.)

Be aware that when you arrive to the final destination, you shouldn‘t have any of your food open so rather consume it during your flight. 

Follow your natural body rhythm and you will feel much better than stress out all the way during your flight.

From my research some people recommended me to not eat at all during the flight!

When you are in a plane in high altitude, your digestion will slower that’s why it is recommended to eat less. I think that don’t eat at all doesn’t work for me as I know myself it just makes me more tired, so listen to your body.

Sleep whenever is possible as if you don‘t do it and then you decide to sleep later, the flight attendants might start serving next meal and you would not be able to sleep again.

Maintain your hygiene and keep fresh – have your toothbrush, mini toothpaste, chewing gums, some wet tissues, moisturizer and a small perfume always with you. 

Wear comfy clothes what will keep you also warm if is cold in the plane but in which you will not be sweaty when is hot. Have more layers. 😉

Walk regularly and stretch. Don‘t feel ashamed of it, you want to feel fresh and nice after your flight, right?

Also, try to lift your legs whenever is possible to avoid blood clots.

Have some spare clothes to change if it is necessary.

In time when you don’t sleep have fun – watch movies, listen your favourite music, read a book, you can organise your diary, make plans.

Stay positive – even if you start feeling tired and bored during the flight, keep positive mind and be nice to others.

Don‘t let any small unpleasantness to destroy your mood. If the person next to you do something you don‘t like, or have a light on when you want to sleep, talk to him or her politely. 

If you need a water, ask flight attendant. Don’t be shy.:-) 

Don‘t think about how long is the flight and keep counting the hours left all the time. Just try to keep your mind busy and the time will fly faster.

First day after a long flight

Finally, you arrived! How are you feeling? 

If you feel kind of ok, don’t push yourself too much to see a lot in the first day. 

Take it easy. Check-in at your hotel or if you arrived earlier and need to wait for your check-in, then ask where can you leave your luggage and explore some restaurants or cafes around or just have a short walk. 

Don‘t unpack all the stuff straight away, just have a nice shower, make yourself fresh and then choose some relax or mid-intensive activity – depends on how you feel. 

Don‘t go straight to some touristic place and do a standard trip, choose something like swimming (ocean, swimming pool), have a nice food, check the surrounding, explore the hotel, take some brochures with local maps.

You may ask at the reception what they recommend visiting. Make some research from the local source or online and think of what do you really want to see or what might be not as exciting for you. 

If you travel alone you might want to seek for some people to join. Just take it easy but still enjoy your first day and go sleep early to be ready for your next exciting days.

Tip – If your long flight is scheduled that you arrival is in the morning and you still feel tired, don‘t go to sleep in the afternoon. 

It will mess up your body rhythm and then have a problem to sleep at night and then you might feel several days tired earlier than normally. 

Keep yourself „alive“ and just go sleep earlier the first day. I did a mistake when I first time arrived to Australia after more than 30 hours flight in the morning that I was so tired and I just decided to sleep for a whole day. 

It caused me that I couldn’t sleep at night, and I was tired during the next few days. 

Nowadays, when I travel even 24 hours I am usually tired the first day (if I don‘t have enough sleep before) but then I can recover much quicker than before. 

It is possible to do some stuff the first day if you take it easy.

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