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The Benefits of Walking on Regular Basis

Why should we walk more?

During COVID-19 pandemic I have spent many days at home with only short walks to the grocery. After a while, I realised how I really miss walking.  It helped me to start going for a walk again. 

We don’t always need to have a goal when we go for walk. We can just enjoy walking by itself, refresh our mind and stay fit. I noticed so much benefits. My mind became clearer, I felt refreshed and it helped me with creating new ideas.  

I started to really looking forward to my walks. I have learned to just walk without having a goal to go to shop or to plan a particular place to visit. It opened up a new way of thinking how to do things differently.

Top 3 Benefits of Walking

Walking keeps your mind fresh

When you have so much stuff going on in your head that you can’t process anymore, then going for a walk helps you to fit the things in a place.  I noticed that it takes approximately 15 minutes of walking to start getting rid of the overloading of my thoughts. 

As a Graphic Designer, I need to be always ready for ideas, experimenting and let the ideas grow. Walking is just perfect for me. It clean all the accumulated thoughts and refresh a new angle of thinking. 

Keep a fit body

Some days you might not feel like working out. You can struggle to start. If you go for a walk it will benefit you twice – get some fresh air and also as a support to stay fit.

When I go for a walk I sometimes just plan to go for a short 30min walk but then I end up with almost 2 hours of walk. It is so powerful. By regular walking you will notice that you will feel more fit and strong. 

It helps to visualise better

When I walk I feel that my imagination becomes more vivid. I usually get more ideas and start seeing things from new perspectives. Consequently, I can work on my projects with a refreshed mind.


A simple weekly routine can increase your level of performance, wellbeing and getting things done. It also creates a sense of discipline and consistency. 

You don’t have to walk every single day if you don’t want to. You can do it 3-4x per week and it is completely fine. It is better to develop a habit that you enjoy rather than pushing yourself to walk and start hating it. 

The other benefits can also be that you don’t have to spend any money on walking. It is free. The only thing you have to do is simple – just go for a walk! 

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