Are you living or visiting Brisbane and love having a beautiful breaky or just want sit in an amazing place and having awesome coffee? 

I just love Australian breakfast and great quality coffee is just must. I have made a bit of research where to find the best coffee in Brisbane. 

Let’s check my recommended places for the taste of coffee and the overall atmosphere.

Location: Post Office Square


This Cafe has one of the most delicious coffee in Brisbane.

 As a coffee lover, I am always picky with my choice and it can be sometimes hard to find full and rich taste of coffee around Brisbane but this place really know how to make a proper cappuccino.:-) 

Food is a little bit pricey but nice and stylish.

Emporium and Teneriffe


Egg benedict

Their coffee also taste amazing and if you are not just into coffee, get some healthy smoothie. The style of the Cafe is in American style. 

The prices for the breakfast are usually around $15. 

They have wifi which is great for laptop workers.:-) 


A hidden cafe in Newstead. The flavour and how they make the coffee is really awesome. Very rich coffee flavour and perfect milk texture. 

If I have a way around I always want to have their coffee.:-) 

You can sit there upstairs which is perfect if you need to do some laptop work and don’t want to be in a noisy place. 

They are open until 6pm which is not bad.:)

New Farm

The Brunswick project

Beautiful décor, stylish and the food is absolutely amazing! 

I love how stylish they are. When the food looks stunning that it is just an absolute pleasure to eat it and it also tastes great! 

My favourite – Falafel salad, so yuum!

New Farm Deli

I mentioned this place as they have very large choice of food and their coffee taste good as well.

This place is very busy and can be a bit of noisy too. 

So definitely not for laptop work. 

Also, no wifi. I like their fried squid salad, very delicious!

Miss Jones

 This small cafe serves delicious coffee with frothy milk and the chocolate on cappuccino is awesome! 

Food is also very tasty, great for breakfast. 

They are open just until 3pm.


The taste of the Cappuccino is amazing and also love the texture, prices for breakfast are a bit up but great quality. 

Nice for grabbing a takeaway coffee or sit as well.

Vue Lounge

Very pleasant to sit when it is not too crowd, it is more a restaurant then Cafe. 

If you choose a right time, you can find a quiet space to work on your laptop.:-)



Funky style coffee, little bit hidden that you might not notice it. 

They serve not just ordinary coffee but also matcha latte or beetroot (velvet) latte. 

They also have some nice food such as sandwiches, burgers but also salads, and they are open until late.


Sassafras Canteen

Sitting option inside or in the garden which is nice, coffee taste awesome as well. Food little bit pricey but they have some very nice meal such as Buddha bowl or very nice Eggs Benedict. They have wifi as well.:)

West End

Three Monkeys 

I like the décor there. It is just so peaceful and natural. It helps me to focus and calm down. Funky style, usually surrounded by like-minded people.

Coffee is nice, not like some other cafes but they also have a large choice of other drinks. 

If you like pitas and feta cheese, you can have a nice meal there.

If you want to know the exact location, just message me and I will help you to find it.;-) 

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