Royal Botanical Gardens

Beautiful, lovely park with a botanical garden, amazing walk along the harbour front with a view of Opera house. You can see Cockatoos in the park, relax in a Cafe or just sit on the grass and read a book.

Darling Harbour

Lovely walk either afternoon or evening, however, I would say that evening is more romantic. 😊 The Harbor offers plenty of restaurants around. 

Be careful of the seagull! 🙂 If you are just sitting in a harbor and having a snack they could come and grab your food! I remember myself sitting there and having a snack and then I suddenly heard some noise behind me, then something just quickly flew right next to me and tried to take my bun! Birds can be a bit annoying in Australia. 😀

The Queen Victoria Building

Famous shopping center designed in Romanesque style, amazing decor. It feels so classy when you walk inside. For those, who like fancy and expensive clothes, it is perfect. 

There are nice Cafes too. A price for a small coffee (a cappuccino or a latte) is everywhere around Sydney similar – from around $3.50 AUD to $4.50 AUD. If you go to a fancy place it can cost $4.50-$5 AUD.

Sydney Taronga ZOO

I haven‘t personally tried yet but it is quite popular and huge. One day I will visit.:-) More about the prices for the activities in Sydney are described in my article Sydney – money budget.

George Street

The busiest and the longest street in the heart of Sydney CBD full of amazing restaurants. In some of them, people are waiting in a long queue to get in which reminds me Japan.:-) This is happening especially over the weekend. 

The variety of food in Sydney is huge – from plenty of Asian restaurants, especially nice Japanese ones (my favourite), Australian or American. 

Along George street is the famous The Queen Victoria Building, The World Square (shopping area and food area) and nearby is Westfield shopping center. In George Street, you can also find Events cinemas and The Metro Theater. 

The weekend nights are packed everywhere!

State Library of NSW

The interior has a beautiful design. Once you enter, it will remind you will get immersed into a feeling of a clever student who wants to learn more and study for hours in this library.:-)

The quiet space just stimulates your brain to focus and let go all the rush of the city. For those who love libraries will understand me. 🙂 

Art gallery NSW

The gallery is located near the Botanical Garden. Time to time they have some free exhibitions to get some cultural experience.

Hyde Park

Did you know that The Hyde Park is the oldest public parkland in Australia? It is also listed on NSW Heritage Register. This large park is located in the central business district in Sydney. Very nice walk along the trees, it is wide and open. 

You can sit on the bench and have a snack or just sit on a grass and enjoy the sun. Take some pictures of the fountain!

Update – at the moment there is a lot of reconstruction over the park so it is not that pleasant as it used to be.

Manly beach

This beach is located in the Northern part of Sydney and to get there, you will catch a ferry from Circular Quay. It take 30 minutes to get there or 17 minutes by fast ferry. 

I would recommend spending at least half day there as it is far and the ferry is not cheap. However, you can get there by public transport as well.  There are a lot of small shops with clothes and souvenirs, restaurants and cafes. It reminds me Gold Coast in Queensland. 🙂 

Let’s try some water sports, bike tours, visit galleries or markets. Manly beach is like a mini town.

Bondi beach

Bondi is my favourite beach in Sydney (maybe in winter time when it is quiet). The beach is surrounded by Cafes, restaurants and shops. Lovely coastal walk from Bondi to Tamara beach. I recommend you to start from the middle of Northern part of Bondi and walk down to Tamara beach and you can also continue to Bronte beach or Coggee (but it is a bit of walk!).

If you are hungry and don‘t mind to pay a little extra, stop along the way in Bondi Iceberg with a beautiful view of the ocean! Don‘t forget to bring your ID otherwise, you cannot enter there. In Surf Live Surfing Clubs restaurants which are located on many beaches in Australia, you have to show your ID. 

They usually open from 11.00am during week days and 9am at the weekends.

Nearby is Bondi Junction (around 10-15 minutes by bus) which offers a huge shopping center – Westfield. The Coles in Bondi Junction closes at midnight, so if you are hungry and don‘t want to spend much money in restaurants, buy some food there.

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