Have you ever wanted to visit your dream destination or just travel but cannot find anyone to go with? You might have friends who have just different expectation for travelling, different style or budget or they are „too busy“ to travel. 

So why not to travel alone? Are you scared? 

Are you worried about getting bored? 

Do you think that it is weird to travel alone? 

Find the reasons why it can be actually exciting and overcome the fear! I will show you how. 😉

I personally love solo travel, OK not always as I love a vacation with someone with who I can connect, do stuff together and share happiness but when I feel like I want to travel to a certain place, in certain time and just have this strong calling to go on an adventure, I just go. 


Travelling alone is not for everyone as some people like always talk to someone and need someone next to them all the time. However, I would say that going out of your comfort zone and trying to do a solo trip at least once in your life can open your eyes, change your mindset and unlock you a new view of how to deal with yourself, how you see others and teach you to respect them.

I used to be scared to travel alone for many reasons. I had thoughts of what if something happen, how can I call for help, or what if I got lost, what if I will look weird to travel alone? Then I realised that many people actually travel alone too and some can be also scared, worried or not sure what to expect. 

So you are actually not alone! 

If you are prepared well, you will always find a help. Can you travel alone in your home country? If yes, then it is kind of similar to go abroad. 

So don‘t worry if your only obstacle is a fear. No matter if you speak a different language, we are all humans, and we can communicate other ways even if we speak different languages. 

I encourage you to let all these fears go and try it. What can you loose? Maybe a week of your life to travel to some place what you will not enjoy as much as you expected. Is that matter in compare what you will gain? 

The experience that you will get will be the most valuable.  Even the worst vacation can give you a valuable life lesson and you might find a way how to improve a quality of your life.

Maybe you will explore what was blocking you in order to be happy or how to follow your needs. You can also explore your true passion or meet someone who you would never meet if you haven’t travelled.

10 reasons why travelling alone is amazing

1) You can do whatever you want – when you travel alone you are completely free and can set up your own schedule, visit what you want, eat when and what you want and don‘t need to worry to upset anyone. You are your own boss of your vacation.

2) It is more adventurous – whilst travelling alone, it is less predictable how the things will go whilst if you travel with your friend you might stay in your comfort zone and stick with doing stuff that you are used to doing and not willing to try a new adventure. Maybe your friend or partner is not willing to do any adventure and then you might miss out the excitement of exploring the unknown places. 

3) More chance to connect with people – yes, when you travel alone, you are more exposed to have a chat with others and make connections or even friendships on your way. 

People will have tendency to talk to you more often (if you are open to talk). You might also connect with someone who travel alone as well. 

When you have your friend or partner always with you, then you might just want to stay in your world with them and not feel like connecting to others too much. 

4) You will learn more about yourself – being on your own on your adventures means to explore your needs, strength, weaknesses and bad habits so you can learn how can you improve it. Next time when you travel with someone, you will not judge immediately the other person that they are wrong as you will more understand yourself and know that you might blame them for your mistake.

5) You can spend hours by taking photos and selfies and no one will be annoyed 🙂

6) You can wake up whenever you want and go sleep whenever you want– Do you feel like waking up very early and see the sunrise? Just do it. No one will tell you that want to sleep more or going to bed very early. If you feel like staying up late, you can do it.

7) No complaining – Do you know the situations when someone start complaining „I am too cold.“ “It is too hot.“ „I am tired“ „I am hungry.“ Consequently, you have to change the plan for them and might miss out some places you want to see.  

Also, when a feeling of craving and or tiredness affects yourself, it is your decision when do you want to rest and eat. How about if you suddenly change your mind and plans because you feel that way? Then you don’t need to have any worries about ruining your friend’s mood. 😀 

8) No one will ruin your mood (your only enemy will be you or people who you will meet :D) You are the manager of your mood who can control your thoughts and focus. 

Having a friend or partner whilst you travel, you tend to feel a similar way as they feel (if you are too empathetic as me) so if they are too negative you start to be unconsciously negative as well or if they are upset, you need to think about it and then cannot enjoy the present moment. 

9) You don‘t have to spend extra money for activities or food that you might be pushed to buy with your friend.  Do you know the feeling when your friend want to see a certain museum or place and you feel like it is not worth for the money but didn’t want to make him or her upset, and he or she doesn’t want to go alone so you agree? 

Or if your friend don’t care much about food and just want to grab a fast food whilst you love having a local food which can cost the same but because your friend was too pushy, you don’t have a mood to search for what you want and finally agree to eat something quick and not valuable for the price and the quality to not make problems? 

When you have your friend or just someone you chose to travel with you to not be alone, he or she might not feel always the same way and then you might miss places that you were excited to see and spend money on things you didn’t actually want.

10) You don‘t have to stress that your friend will change his or her mind and cancel the trip – it can happen, you plan your vacation, looking forward to it and then your friend decide to change their mind and cancel it. 

The worst scenario is when your friend book it and has all the confirmation for it and then tell you that will take his or her new girlfriend or boyfriend and try to push you to cancel it or scenario 2 is that you have organised everything and your friend finally cannot go with you, but you already paid for it and now you need to solve so many issues around, such as either cancel their booking and get refund or change the name and search for someone else to go. 

Luckily, I have never had this problem but I have heard stories from others about it and I understand how it can be really annoying and stressful. 

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To sum up, travelling alone is not just for people who don’t have anyone to go with. You can have plenty of friends who loves travelling too or a loving partner to go with. 

The point of the solo travel is to experience a new dimension of your life, explore yourself, find time just for you and learn how to be the best friend of yourself.

If you are happy with yourself, your relationships will be much better, you will attract more people who resonate with your personality and you will shine and enjoy your life more deeply and appreciate the connection when you meet someone special.

It will also help you to understand more how people feel in need as you might experience some difficulties during your solo travel. Just don’t overthink if to go alone or not and just do it. It will truly open your eyes!

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