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What did I Learnt during COVID-19 Lockdown

In this challenging time, staying at home has been difficult for some people. For me, as an introvert, it was easier. I maximised this time to focus on things that matter and use it for developing my skills, learning and organising my next steps. 

However, some habits that I have already had before such as staying fit have been challenging this time. I used to go to the gym regularly before the Covid-19 pandemic. I actually started going to the gym very often this year and then it was a big hit to stop. 

At the end of the year, I got a little bit lazy so I wanted to challenge myself this year.  Since gyms closed I felt like I don’t want to exercise at home because it might not be that effective. I was wrong though. 

Luckily, I am surrounded by people who motivate me to keep going. I also explored new style of exercise that works and it can be easy. I might share some cool tips later. 

Apart from that, keeping my mind happy and focused on what matter is one of the most significant things that can create powerful results in your life.

Let’s have a look what habits helped me and that can help you as well if you learn them.


List of powerful habits

Going for a walk to nature

If you really don’t feel like exercising at all and you might have eaten that chocolate or that cake and need to move a bit then go for a walk. 

Walking is great to refresh your mind from overthinking, get new inspiration, relax your brain and get fresh air. I would recommend walking without checking out your phone all the time and really absorb everything that you see around. Stop thinking as well.

I realised that by switching off, walking and observing things around helps me to be more relaxed and feel less tension.  It also helps with overanalysing. 


Daily 15min stretch

You don’t have to exercise like crazy if you don’t feel like it, Just do simple stretches that will make you feel better and help your body posture. 

I personally started to do stretching every morning. Stretch my back, do some twists, leg stretching and arms. I have also learnt a bit about face yoga!

Daily stretch is really powerful. I noticed that it prevents body pain and makes me feel happier and healthier.


30 to 60min workout at home

I have never been much into home exercise apart from my teenage age. Since I started going to the gym, I used to do my workout mostly there. During Covid-19 lockdown I changed my mind. I started working out at home and find it as a great support. It also safe time.

It will take you only 30 to 60min without any walking to the gym or getting ready etc. You can start anytime in a day. If you learn effective workouts then you will get great results.

Tip –  Do a complete exercise for one main part of your body – legs, upper body or abs. It is more effective to focus on one part at time. 

Turn on some good music and just start. You will enjoy it. The hardest part is to start!


Structuring a healthy diet

Just because I was mainly home during Covid-19 pandemic, it doesn’t mean that I will be just eating unhealthily and watch Netflix. I have made researches about eating, nutrition and tested various eating style. Now I know what works for me. 

However, I always need to update my knowledge of healthy food and what flavour to combine in order to make my food delicious. One thing is to know what I should be eating and other is how to make it tasty.

Tip – Plan your meals, cook and experiment with flavours, find some recipes and try to do things differently. 

You might even explore a passion for cooking. It is fun and it can be easy as well. There are plenty of healthy meals that tastes delicious too. Check some of my recipes here.


Organising my mind and values

Mental health is the same important as your body health.  I have been analysing my values many times, However, I still need to remind myself by purpose time by time. 

It is so important to remind myself what are my values and follow them. It is something that keeps me motivated when I feel down. It really pumps me up and help me keep going. 



It can be hard to stay still and meditate on a regular basis. To start meditating is the most challenging. I still sometimes struggle to stay still, let everything go and meditate.  However, the more I do it, the more I can see the benefits.  

It massively helps me to organise my thoughts, get rid of anxiety, stress and be more effective in anything I do. I personally enjoy a guided meditation with a calming voice.


Having a beauty time

Taking care of our beauty is important. It is not procrastination or avoiding doing our tasks. I explored some homemade masks that are very effective. However, it takes time to see the benefits for the long term. 

I am going to share some home natural remedies in my later posts. In meanwhile let’s check some tips about how can you use coconut oil to be more beautiful.


Shake it off

This trick is very easy and very powerful. When I work from home and have other things that I need to do I need to separate the time between. It can be very hard to switch from one activity to another at a time. 

What works for me is to just jump and start dancing or doing any kind of movement until I feel that my mind can go to another task or activity. 

However, if you need to stay focused until things are done, I wouldn’t recommend it. It is that powerful that it can distract you and then you will not be able to finish what you were planning to get done. 

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