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What stopping you from travelling?

Do you wish to travel more often but feel like that you don’t have a time or money to do it? 

Let’s have a look what can you do to travel more often.

I was always passionate about travelling but haven’t travelled that much as now because I always made excuses why I cannot do it. Either it was a money issue, school duties, not having the right people to go with or agree on a same time and place. After some time, I realised that if it is my priority why not to make it as a lifestyle and find the way how can I travel more. It is easy to say to someone “Oh, you are so lucky that you can travel.” It is actually not about being lucky but about our choice. Sometimes it might require a strong discipline to create this lifestyle, however, once you create it, it allows you to live your dream. No matter what is your current situation now – if you have a stressful job or not well paid job, you might have a family with small kids and think that it is too complicated to travel or you just cannot find a travel buddy. Remember that there are always ways how to travel if you really want.

What to change in order to travel more?

Set up travelling as a priority – If travelling is your passion, put it on the first place. Find the way how can you do it more often. Search for deals, travel in a time when is low season to save money. You might even try do some volunteer job or get paid and travel.

Every year create a list of countries you want to visit, visualise it and plan it – Create a vision board, cut some stunning pictures from magazines or draw it, whenever makes you feel excited about that, enjoy this process, feel like you are already there. Once you are done, you mind will subconsciously create a connection to focus on travelling and it will attract the opportunities. You will hear and see more words and pictures about travelling.

Create a budget for your travels and put your money for travelling aside– Do you think that you cannot afford to travel? Well, think about what do you spend your money for. Do you spend a lot of money on buying too much clothes or decorating your house, going to parties, drinking alcohol, living in an expensive place, tunning up your car or buying expensive cosmetic products? As I said before, all is about your priorities.

Find an extra income – Does your job have financial limits and you wish you could earn more? You might find a better paid job or create an extra income which allows you to have money for travelling.:-)

Create connections – Make connection with people, be friendly, genuine and warm person and you might travel and visit your friends in another country without paying for a hotel or just get more opportunities to visit amazing places. However, I mean a real connection, don’t just become someone friend in order to stay in their place for free!

Find a job which allows you to travel – Find the way what can you do which can help you to travel more, either it is a corporate job which offers you to travel for business trips or an online job to be able to work from anywhere or become an entrepreneur and travel the world with a mission to improve other people lives or anything like that. Find your way.

Go volunteering – become a volunteer for a few weeks anywhere you wish, you might still need to pay for some of your expenses but it will reduce your costs significantly and also you will get a great experience and make a difference in the world.

Search for a special deals – Try to search for discounts, special flight tickets, hotel deals and save money and enjoy more.

Travel to a cheap country – If you cannot afford to go to some luxury destination, try some cheap country. Even if it is not your dream destination, you might still enjoy it and explore something completely new. Easy. 🙂

Be proactive – Don’t be a victim of life that you were not as fortunate to travel as others. Sometimes we tend to make excuses why we cannot do stuff. Find the reason how you CAN do it.

Don’t be scared – You might have no one to go with and are scared to travel alone so you rather stay home and then you spend time on figuring out who to go with in the time you want and to same destination and you are  loosing your time that you could have spent on exploring the world. We don’t live forever, START TRAVEL NOW. Read my article about Why travelling alone is an amazing experience.

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3 thoughts on “What stopping you from travelling?

  1. Great post question! What’s stopping me now is that I realize that I am a homebody, who simply loves the comfort of home. Also, saving all extra money to go full time blogging. I loved your post, though, because I get to vicariously travel through you. ?

  2. Awesome Diana. With you 100% on this. Decide to see the world. Immediately step toward that goal by taking definitive action. Always a blanket decision deal; if you choose to move forward no matter what, you will move forward.

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