Are you travelling to a tropical destination and want to be prepared to have all sophisticated items that will definitely use?

This list will help you make your packing easier. 😉

Ask yourself before you go:

1) What activities are you planning to do? 

2) Do you want to spend time on the beach or rather hiking or exploring the city? 

3) Are you sensitive to sun? 

4) Are you planning to stay in a hut, tent or in a resort? 

Apart from basic essentials for all types of travelling that I mentioned in my article “How to prepare for a long flight” I am going to show you the top items that are necessary for a tropical vacation to maximize your time in paradise. 

Let’s tick my check list.

Essentials for a beach


-After sun treatment (I recommend Aloe vera gel for burnt, also great for insects bites)



Towel for the beach

-Summer beach clothes

-Beach bag


Scarf (perfect to cover yourself when you are burnt or to be used as a skirt (essential for temples in Malaysia or Indonesia)

-Snorkelling gear

-Flip flop (but if you don’t have it, it is not as big deal as it is kind of easy to buy anywhere)

Waterproof bags – perfect for storing your money, credit card or any other items such as electronics

Waterproof pouch for your small electronics – mp3 player or phone

-Selfie stick

-Book (if you plan to spend more time on the beach, it is the perfect time to read your favourite book)


Tip – to protect your camera, you can use a mini freeze bag! 

Essentials for other activities

-Handy backpack with many pockets

-Charger for your phone (that is the “must item” anywhere)

Travel water filter (very handy if you go to the wild nature for hiking adventure)


Umbrella (in tropical destination might rain more often than usual, it can also help you  to protect from the sun)

Small raincoat

-Waterproof jacket (always handy for nature trips)

-Waterproof wallet

Consideration for certain destinations


Tablets for stomach problems – it is common that in very tropical destination you can get food poisoned so be ready to have some medical treatment for immediate use (universal treatment for food poisoning is activated charcoal, it always helped me)

First aid kit (essential for hiking)

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  1. It was really helpful to know about those essentials for beach…i am thinking to recommending this to my friends..Thanks for sharing.

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